Just Keep Running

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Welcome 2015!

It might be the first day of a new year, but of course it’s just another day really. No need for resolutions if you take each moment as an opportunity to be great.

Anyone make a resolution to up your miles? No resolution here …. That’s why I not sweating being about 13 miles short of the 900 mile mark on my Nike+ app before January 1st… okay, I did sweat it a little. I made a secret goal with myself. Close enough right? I guess. The miles will be in within the next few days so I’m not getting caught up in not making the goal, I’ll just keep running! The only person that cares is me anyway! Goals or milestones mean a lot; resolutions… I think I was clear about those last year.



Enjoy your day and make it what you want it to be!

Something Is Wrong With This Picture…

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I was just reviewing my Jibber Jabber page, taking note of my widgets in particular. My running widgets, actually…

I remember a year ago at this time I was starting to feel a little sad about removing the previous year’s race widgets from the sidebar. Removing those memories from my blog… Yes they live on in my mind, my Instagram or Facebook, but I like having those little boxes reminding me of all the races I’ve participated in! There is one little box that will remain, of course. The OMG I DID IT widget box. That stays forever.

So anyway, as I was scanning down the page, I noticed something. There was wrong with this picture… No registered races for January! What?! None?!

I tried to find something to register for while in Singapore, but no luck. Because I am here another week and a half and I will be away the last two weekends in January also, I must look for a run to register for on MLK long weekend! Granted I will be doing my own running, probably mostly on the treadmill, but no races? Glad January is so busy but really! Usually it’s such a blah month I guess with it being pretty booked up so far, I didn’t notice! Oh well, it’s all good stuff! A great way to get 2015 started!


So Ready

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Ok. I got my bib. #64018. Signed in at my team’s table.

Mentally planning what I need to prepare Saturday night… thank goodness for that extra hour…

Actually I’ll get my things ready tomorrow night while everyone else is out for Halloween festivities.

So excited, but trying to relax into the moments leading up to the big day.

A lot happening this weekend. Mostly good. All packed with emotion. Been running on adrenaline for the last week I’m pretty sure.

Totally prepared to burst into tears at the end of my run. Thank you to everyone has been so supportive, both in words and in donations to Fred’s Team.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Davits center.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Javits center.



I’ve Been Lapped

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Hey, it happens when you don’t run a 5-minute mile.

This morning I ran the Grete’s Great Gallop, a half marathon put on by Fred’s Team charity. By signing on to fundraise for Fred’s Team, I gained entry to the 2014 TCS NYC marathon.

So yesterday was to be my long run, but I wasn’t feeling great and knowing I was running a half today I didn’t feel too guilty about not running yesterday.

As I ventured into the chilled air at 8:3o this morning, I ran to the start line to put in a couple extra miles as my way to make up miles from yesterday. I was feeling good, despite the windy, cool air. I dressed appropriately in my Fred’s Team long sleeve tech shirt and the Grete’s tech shirt, along with my shorts.

At the Start

At the start

I was glad I was warm when I got to the start because had to wait about 10 minutes to start. The first miles were great, but by mile three I already had to tinkle so I decided to step off at the pit stop at the trough of the Harlem Hills. Turned out there was a bit of a line, no big deal.

As I was waiting, I heard the whistle. No way! I was getting lapped already! The first runner was lapping me while I was waiting to pee at my 3.5 mile mark – but he was at his 9.5 mile!

All I could think (or say actually) was – “holy shit, that guy’s fast”. For a split second I felt inferior to his champion running abilities. I’m not sure why considering he is a professional athlete and I am far from it. It’s really more of an honor to share a course with city/state/national/international champion runners. It’s really exciting to watch the first runners go by and cheer them on!

Alas I finished, an hour and some minutes after I had been lapped. And to think, a mere four weeks until I cross that same finish line at the end of my first full marathon.

Missing All Those Races

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From September of last year to this past June, I participated in so many races. Fifteen from January to June alone. All over the city, Philly, DC, California. And now, only two races in the next three months.

I can’t stand it anymore! I need to go crazy and start registering for some! I have been holding off because of many upcoming changes and travel, but now that I have an idea of what’s happening in at least the next few months, I can go nuts registering!

Seriously! I miss the corrals, costumes, bibs, expos, medals, bagels, volunteers, scenery, everything! So here I go! By tomorrow, my widgets will be updated. First up will be finding one in or near Dublin, and then I will add to my September and October line up locally. Stay tuned! 🙂



No Running For Four Days?!

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Don’t worry, this definitely doesn’t mean I was doing nothing. This trip to California was actually a great opportunity to do some cross training as part of my marathon training (or at least I tell myself).

So here’s the breakdown of activity since I’ve been here – 10 days so far.

Day 1 (Thursday 7/10): Paddle board yoga at Mission Beach and biking around Coronado Island

Day 2 (Friday 7/11): Morning 3.66 mile run, evening kayaking at La Jolla (complete with seeing baby seals in caves and dolphins swimming in pods!)

Day 3: (Saturday 7/12): Afternoon walk, probably 2-3 miles

Day 4 (Sunday 7/13): Morning 5 mile run

Day 5 (Monday 7/14): Morning 2 mile run, afternoon 4.5 mile walk

Day 6 (Tuesday 7/15): Morning CrossFit class

Day 7 (Wednesday 7/16): Afternoon 6.5 mile hike (I thought this was 8-9 miles, and it definitely felt like it) at Mount Woodson, evening kayak at Coronado

Day 8 (Thursday 7/17): Morning CrossFit class

Day 9 (Friday 7/18): Rest

Day 10 (Saturday 7/19): Morning 4.62 run so far… and just came back from a nice long walk (guessing 2-3 miles).


Day 11: Chargers 5K Bolt to the Q. Had to sign up for a race here, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t!

Day 12: probably another early run, hike, bike ride

Day 13: potential early morning run

I’ve rested this vacation but I’ve also kept my body very active – and it feels great! And when you have views like this, it’s easy to keep active outdoors. 🙂

Potato Chip Rock @ Mount Woodson

Potato Chip Rock @ Mount Woodson

It’s Official – I’m in! Times Two!

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Today is the day I knew I would qualify for the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon. Nine races and a volunteer opportunity through the NYRR since January, and I’m in. Ah!

But then life threw us a little curve ball … but a good one.

Yes I am now officially qualified for the 2015 marathon, but I’m not sure if I will be here. Brett’s new job is taking us to Singapore next year, making me unsure if will be able to make it back to NY in November, soooooo – what do with all these races I’ve been doing? Use them as training runs! That’s right – an email I got the other day made me realize I should marathon THIS year. I received an email that there were still charity spots available for 2014 so I have decided to fundraise with Fred’s Team for Cancer Research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Yes I’m fundraising – which I’m horrible at, but I’m going to raise the $3,400 I said I would, even if I have to chase people down the street! – and run the 2014 marathon!

Screenshot 2014-06-14 11.05.11

I must be freaking crazy? Ya, I guess I am. But this is something I said I would NEVER do, just a year ago. You see how hard work and a strong mindset changes you to want to do awesome things?! If you think you will never do something because of whatever excuse you have – you are short-changing yourself. Do it! Stop making excuses and do something big, drastic, crazy and insane. You can do it!

So obviously, my campaigning starts now, with you. Please click my Fred’s Team link above or the picture below to donate to my charity on the Fred’s Team page.


Whether we know each other or not, we all know people who have been affected by cancer. Those of us who run do it for these reasons. We want our miles to go to something big and worthwhile. So I choose cancer research.

I look forward to seeing your donations on my page. Thank you!

mskcc.convio.net Can't wait to be one of these people!

Can’t wait to be one of these people!


Not One Cup

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First, I would like to say that today’s run in Carmel was simply gorgeous and amazing. The 9 mile route was hilly but manageable. And really no one really cared about the hills because the route was so awesome.


Carmel Bay – mile 1-2


About mile three

Second, I would to say that this run was so clean, it was incredible. East coast runners are disgusting! Hahaha! Water spilled, gatorade dumped making a sticky surface, crushed cups everywhere despite the garbage bags or recycle boxes, Gu packs, spit gobs every other step. Not here! You can feel the California pride in having clean communities! There was not a single cup on the ground. No orange peels. No Gu packs. Hardly any spit. It was a miracle! People can run and get the cup in the recycle box! It’s possible!

Most organized!

Most organized!

Third, the Marathon Village was awesome. There was no crowding in the finish area. No lines for food. They gave you a little tray box for your goodies which included oranges, bananas, apples, strawberries, bagels, muffins, cookies, pineapple juice, milk and then outside was the beer tent. Now, I love the Rock n’ Roll events, but Big Sur had them beat! I’ll be back 🙂





Perpetual Sneezing

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I’m wondering if these allergy meds will subdue the perpetual allergy sneezes during my run tomorrow… Can I run and sneeze every ten seconds – let’s say ten times in a row? I hope I don’t have to! I can’t have two bummer races in a row! So Allegra, rest, tea, and vitamin water it is for me tonight!

Bummed Runner

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And bummed for a few reasons…

Prologue: I’ve been looking forward to the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC for months. So excited to see the blossoms on this lottery run. A run that thousands of people try to get into and Kristine and I were chosen in our first time entering the lottery.

I was a little worried the last couple of weeks that there wouldn’t be any because of the late ending winter – but luckily we saw some yesterday around the White House en route to the expo. Yay! There were going to be these beautifully blossomed trees to run through along the river and the paths!

Side note: The expo was held in the National Building Museum – gorgeous! Well organized and a decent amount of vendors.

Bummer 1: Back to the blossoms – the stars of the run…

So we get all staged this morning, started running and blah, blah, blah – blossoms nowhere to be seen. Yes, there were tiny buds on many trees, but basically nothing, nada – the whole way through except for three trees at the start/finish area. Don’t get me wrong, the run was still along a nice route, but I was still bummed. So to make myself feel less disappointed and commemorate the namesake of the race, as I was running my last three miles, I envisioned the most beautiful blossoms during a “regular” spring run, surrounding me on the path. I visualized the pink hues and imagined the perfumey smells wafting in the air. And that was lovely.

Bummer 2: My right knee basically gave out on me just before mile 6. There was no compromising with it – it would not stretch, I couldn’t rotate it out, zippo. I don’t usually stop running even with some pain, but I had to go to the medic tent. I sacrificed a decent time to sit with the medics for 10 minutes and ice my knee. The girl wrapped some kind of funky non-stick tape around my knee to hold the ice pack in place and then I ran the other four miles. Yep, a bit wobbly and with that ice pack taped on my leg creating a bulge under my pant leg. But I ran; I would not walk across the finish line.

Bummer 3: There was no food except bananas! What? How were we to replenish ourselves? Are you kidding?! Bananas? And watered down Gatorade? Apparently there were also granola bars, but I guess they ran out… Bummer again.

So the moral of my story is: enjoy the scenery, clutch the nice medal at the finish, then go for brunch with a friend and forget about the disappointment because life could be worse.