It’s Official – I’m in! Times Two!

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Today is the day I knew I would qualify for the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon. Nine races and a volunteer opportunity through the NYRR since January, and I’m in. Ah!

But then life threw us a little curve ball … but a good one.

Yes I am now officially qualified for the 2015 marathon, but I’m not sure if I will be here. Brett’s new job is taking us to Singapore next year, making me unsure if will be able to make it back to NY in November, soooooo – what do with all these races I’ve been doing? Use them as training runs! That’s right – an email I got the other day made me realize I should marathon THIS year. I received an email that there were still charity spots available for 2014 so I have decided to fundraise with Fred’s Team for Cancer Research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering. Yes I’m fundraising – which I’m horrible at, but I’m going to raise the $3,400 I said I would, even if I have to chase people down the street! – and run the 2014 marathon!

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I must be freaking crazy? Ya, I guess I am. But this is something I said I would NEVER do, just a year ago. You see how hard work and a strong mindset changes you to want to do awesome things?! If you think you will never do something because of whatever excuse you have – you are short-changing yourself. Do it! Stop making excuses and do something big, drastic, crazy and insane. You can do it!

So obviously, my campaigning starts now, with you. Please click my Fred’s Team link above or the picture below to donate to my charity on the Fred’s Team page.


Whether we know each other or not, we all know people who have been affected by cancer. Those of us who run do it for these reasons. We want our miles to go to something big and worthwhile. So I choose cancer research.

I look forward to seeing your donations on my page. Thank you! Can't wait to be one of these people!
Can’t wait to be one of these people!


Just Go!

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And I promise you will feel so much better!

That’s what I was thinking when I was trying to convince myself to go to the gym. Weather and roads still a little unpredictable to run in the park. So, the gym it had to be.

Well, I was right of course. I did feel better.

It’s just getting dressed and getting out the door that’s the hardest part. Yes, I was not looking forward to running on the treadmill for the second time this week, but I have Kathy Lee and Hoda to thank for getting through the three miles today, and The Lone Ranger for getting me through the three miles on Monday.

This morning I just felt depressed – Brett left for work, I caught up on PLL, the sky was clouding over, my mind was cluttered with unimportant thoughts. I felt jumbled, lethargic and unmotivated. But I got my gym clothes on and headed down the street.

As I walked, my body felt slow, my mind still frazzled and scattered. I was contemplating my work out on the treadmill. Blech, the treadmill. Perhaps an inclined walk. Or should I run? But I was tired. But I was feeling slow. But but but.

Once on the treadmill, I just went for it. Told myself three miles and no less. If I run faster, it’ll be over faster. So I just did it. And I felt good after. It felt good to sweat. To watch some nonsense. I got over the jiggling earphones and just ran … and I’m so glad I did.

Confirmed once again. I love running. It’s my redemption.

Fave movie.