What Was I Thinking?

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Now that I’m back full force Jibbery Jabbering, I’ve been reading through the draft post titles from as far back as 2015. Some make complete sense to me, like: “Close to Home” or “A Trip to North America”. But for some, when I click on the link and there is no text, only a somewhat obscure title, I’m forced to ask myself:

“What I was thinking when I wrote this title?”

For example, while I think the title “I Wish There Were Blogs in the Late ’90’s”, I wonder what it is that sparked that thought. I can think of a few ideas, but not really sure what I was thinking with that! I found a note in my phone from January about my Uber smelling like lemons. And that seems to really inspire some thinking! I have to see if I can piece that together, or maybe I’ll just post the notes and we can all have a giggle.

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Volunteer Time at Food Bank Singapore

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I’ve been doing a lot of volunteer time with the folks at the Food Bank Singapore for the last couple of years. When I lived in New York, our school would often have food drives for the NYC Food Bank and so when I moved to Singapore and found that my school had the start of a relationship with the fairly new Food Bank Singapore, I thought that this some work I could carry through from my last experience.

In my roles at the International School, I supported the development of the relationship of the school and the Food Bank by inviting representatives to give information sessions to students, enabling students to hold events to support the Food Bank, and organizing volunteer Saturdays for staff and families.

Although I have left that school community, I didn’t want my relationship with the folks at the Food Bank to cease because this is eradicating hunger is a cause I strongly believe in. The system isn’t ideal here in Singapore, but they are doing fairly well securing donations from large companies, hotels and the general public for beneficiaries. This community support clearly benefits the 10% of Singaporeans that are food insecure, but of course, the hope is that over time these beneficiaries will be able to become food secure on their own (as with any public service to the community).

If you are looking for a place to volunteer, Food Banks offer a number of different opportunties. Here are some of the things I’ve helped out with:

  1. Inventorying food at the warehouse
  2. Packing food bundles for beneficiaries
  3. Help littlies pack bags for delivery in the community
  4. Canvassing at the Food Expo & other large events
  5. Raising awareness of local food waste problems
  6. Assist at the Grab & Go (free food pick-ups to beneficiaries)
  7. Leading students in sorting food
  8. Chatting with many volunteers
  9. Data entry of requests and food distribution
  10. Researching worldwide food waste issues, etc.

Likely there is something that you may be interested in helping with, so get out there and do it!




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I love you so much.

Grammarly, that is. Just love so very much. If you do not have this fantastic Google add-on or extension, whatever it is, add it or extend it.

The little green circle that appears in the bottom right corner of whatever I’m typing (like this post). It continuously inspects my spelling and grammar in a useful way – magical! As the little arrow spins (like right now) when I type, it confirms that I have been successful in my quest for proper language and usage! When the circle turns red, I simply hover over the error, I click and my writing continues on its error-free journey!

This little tool can easily turn into an obsession though, but somehow my OCD with spelling and grammar can relax with the presence of my little green circle of correctness. Unfortunately, my new friend doesn’t realize that I do like to make up words sometimes.


Peaches Grow in Taiwan

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Yep, they do. And they are tasty! Who knew?! Turns out they grow during the summer season in the Green Mountains of Taiwan.

The weather on this October long weekend trip was less than stellar and we were quite done after walking around in the rain all day. As we approached our dry space at the Hotel Royal-Nikko, there were these two young dudes with several boxes of peaches that smelled just amazing! So we were tried to use gestures and their little English to choose the peaches we wanted. Of course, we were trying to do a currency conversion in our heads as we were negotiating, and didn’t do well with it. Because those peaches were really expensive! Thankfully we talked them out of giving us the rotting ones.

Turns out those expensive peaches were the best part of our trip 🙂



Don’t Mind My Son

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Recently I was making a trip from Washington, D.C. to Seattle with a stop in Minneapolis St. Paul. Upon joining the group of people ready to board the flight, a boy came barreling through, elbowing in motion, words “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!” gloriously expelling from his 10 year old mouth.

My immediate thought… “Hope you’re not in my row, kid”. Typical thought of most, I’d say. So I stepped to the side, somewhat begrudgingly, and found that once boarded, the boy and his mother were indeed, my row-mates. Again, some thoughts went through my head as I waited for mom to get herself and her son established in their seats. As I stepped out of the way of other boarding passengers, I was trying to think positive thoughts, like maybe the boy would stay in his seat the whole time, quietly watching his movies and such.

When I was finally able to get into my chosen aisle seat, the boy started making noises and getting somewhat aggressive with his TV screen and headset, mom responding in a way I found to be antagonist to her son, which I found to be greatly annoying. So then I thought “who’s going to be worse, the boy or the mom?”

A few more minutes of the unsettled movements and sounds, when mom turned to me and said, “Please don’t mind my son. He’s autistic.”

“I’m not worried about it,” I responded. Her response was of relief, but… that didn’t make HER less annoying! Ha! The boy was fine!

The Long Haul

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I’m fairly fresh off a long haul flight from California, where I spent about 12 days with friends from around the country. Part of the trip was leisure (with work time) and part was conference. Just a quick thought about it…

Although I tend to groan a bit about having to sit in an enclosed space for the better part of 24 hours, I cannot imagination not making the trip. I may live on the opposite side of the world from my people, but the journey in both directions makes it easier knowing that there are people I love on both side of that long trek.

Those uncomfortable hours spent sitting in that chair, feeling the puffiness in my legs are definitely worth it.



My Shins… They’re A Mess

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Something about my shins the last few months. Seems like any chance to scrape, bruise or injure them, I’ve been doing it. Let’s review…

First incident: An accident by way of box steps at after school Boot Camp, September 2016. Right shin hard against the rickety old table we were jumping on, of course on my last jump. Oh the pain and wooziness! Thank goodness the quick action of the trainer and bandaging of the school nurse, the visible bruising and scarring was minimal. The deep numbness and bruising, however, still present five months later…

Second incident: Spartan Race Bintan, November 2016. Not surprising that one would be scraped up from rocks in the water. A lovely scrape on the left shin became a bit of a piece of work. A trip to the doctor warranted some antibacterial topical cream for that somewhat infected wound. The tropics is just not the place for wounds to heal quickly! Three months later and that gash has become an interesting looking pink scar with some white surrounding marks. It’s quite a look.

Third incident, and definitely the third-time charm:  Walking…. January 2017. To be fair, it had been very a monsoony few days and the edge of the sidewalk was slippery. I was walking with my scooter and talking to a colleague, and then I was on the ground. I stood up, and found that this incident by far, made the most damage. Thankfully all the wounds are healing as they should, but let me tell you, my shin is a mess. I’ll spare you the visual.

It’s Time

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Ok, I really haven’t been Jibbery Jabbering enough. Well, I have in my husband’s and friend’s ears, but not yours. And I’m sorry about that.

I really do miss telling stories about… just anything really. So it’s time to go back to beginning life of the blog. Frequent writing, telling stories, about anything. Especially things that don’t really matter. And maybe you’ll get a laugh. I think we all need a little of that right now. Some mindless laughter or nattering on about nothing. Like Seinfeld, but maybe not as funny, but always about nothing important.



Same Sun, Same Moon

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One morning last week, I had this great realization of how small yet completely enormous and magnificent the world is.

In a common morning Voxer chat with friends in North America, Meghan posted an amazing picture of the sunset as she looked from her window in Salt Lake City. 

Literally, in that same moment, I stood at my window, looking to the east, awaiting for the Singapore sun to rise. In response to her sunset picture, I took and sent a photo of that same glorious sun. Right then, I felt so close and so far away from my friends at the same time. It was a really cool moment to share with small of my dear friends that are so far away.

Many times I’ll take evening photos of the moon and hashtag it #samemoon, tagging friends that are abroad. It’s our way of showing we are thinking of each other, although separated by half the world.

But this morning’s sun was an occurrence that made me really miss my friends, and even though we are in touch often, I miss their faces and being with them. Maybe I’m feeling a bit sad about not having made the trip with Brett to North America for the holidays, or maybe I was just feeling a bit affected by the movie I had just seen (thanks Ryan and Emma, for #LaLaLand), or maybe I just miss my people. But that’s okay, I’ll see them soon.