It’s Time

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Ok, I really haven’t been Jibbery Jabbering enough. Well, I have in my husband’s and friend’s ears, but not yours. And I’m sorry about that.

I really do miss telling stories about… just anything really. So it’s time to go back to beginning life of the blog. Frequent writing, telling stories, about anything. Especially things that don’t really matter. And maybe you’ll get a laugh. I think we all need a little of that right now. Some mindless laughter or nattering on about nothing. Like Seinfeld, but maybe not as funny, but always about nothing important.




Merging Life

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I’ve been struggling with writing two blogs, so I really haven’t written much in the last few months… Booooo! So that’s why I’ve made a decision. I’ve decided that having a second blog (Next Stop Singapore) for this chapter in my life is just too much work!

While living in Southeast Asia has been a new chapter for me, it doesn’t make sense to separate it from my regular Jibbery Jab life. I’ve missed jibbering and jabbering so I’m moving my NextStopSing posts and events over to JibberyJab so I can streamline my life in the blogosphere.

I’ve appreciated the comments, likes and the time you all spend reading my mostly trivial, and maybe sometimes thoughtful words. Happy to say that I’ll be jibberjabbery more again! I swear!


Where Are My Words?

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It’s funny how I started 2014 with posting every single day for at least ten days, and that I’m ending 2014 with a mere two posts in December so far.

Why is that? It’s not like I don’t have a lot to say… maybe the time for my words is not right? Maybe I feel like no one cares? I’m not sure, but I feel a struggle to write.

I’ve also been trying for months to get postings on my educator blog, but there are so many topics to write about, I’m scattered. Poor excuse, I know. I have pieces started and another list of ideas gathered, but I get nowhere fast. Unless there’s a deadline, it seems unlikely right now… but I’ll work on it. I’m not one to say and not do, so I will make it happen on my long flights coming up.

So for now, this will do. A little bit of nothing, but also a little bit of something. And I’m also avoiding reading an excerpt from The Dreamkeepers for work because it aggravated me immediately. So I chose to write instead of being annoyed. 🙂

Post Withdrawal

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I was looking at my post calendar and realized that I haven’t made a post in over a week! Egad! I am having withdrawals!

I came back late from California late on Tuesday night and headed to an awesome leadership event in Virginia the next day soooo I have neglected posting because I’ve been busy!

A few drafts are in the works and will finish those up in the next week. Stay tuned…


Oops! I Forgot My Anniversary!

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As I was sitting here writing, reading, thinking – I realized that it was one year ago this month that I introduced Jibber Jabber & Happenstance to the blogosphere!

What? A year! Yes! I actually missed my bloggy anniversary on July 7th. How dare I? After all the writing, thinking, observing, thinking, writing, running, writing, finding pics… and I forgot?

Happy Bloggy Anniversary to me!

Thank you for all your follows, likes, comments, award nominations and time you take to read my daily life occurrences. I have learned a lot about myself as a writer, about people in my life, and what’s necessary for happiness. When we invest in ourselves, we can accomplish so much.

Thank you!


I Realize This

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I realize that my latest posts from let’s say – June until now, haven’t the most thought-provoking or super entertaining.

Some weeks I rely on posting a semi-pleasing visual to capture your attention for my JJ&H version of Wordless Wednesday or Throwback Thursday.

Well, I realize that there has been some lack-luster tidbits. And trust me, it’s bothersome.

However, I will let you know that there is a reason for this. There are just a bazillion thoughts in my head and my mind just doesn’t want to sort out the good stories this last little while. I guess you could say, my mind is a little tired, and maybe the stories I want to write are just not ready to be written yet. But don’t worry, they will come.

I always have a lot to say, sometimes too much. Organizing all the thoughts, ideas, word mirages in my mind takes longer than I want it to sometimes. And other times, the meaning of what I want to write has been lost somewhere in a muddle of thought or the abyss of time passing. But it’s there. Soon I will write about Sunscreen Lady and Gilligan again or other supporting characters in my life’s play book. I will write about characters who make me think about the seven billion lives that take space on this planet.

Sometimes that change of scenery, deep conversation and fresh perspective generate a spark for writing inspiration.


Sunshine-y Day!

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Thank you very much to bloggedartistry for my 4th blogger’s award! A little sunshine to brighten my weekend!


The rules are similar to the other awards I’ve received:

  1. Display the award on your blog. DONE.
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger(s) who awarded you. DONE.
  3. Present 10 deserving bloggers with the award – “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” DONE.
  4. Link your awardees in the post and let them know of their being awarded. DONE.
  5. Write 10 interesting things about you. DONE.

Here are the blogs I’ve chosen for different reasons (yes, I bent the rules on this one… but):

10 “Interesting” Things about me…

  1. The first day of winter is my least and most favorite day.
  2. The first day of summer is my most and least favorite day.
  3. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  4. I’m becoming a controlled hypochondriac.
  5. Even with my attention deficit, I could sit and watch the ocean for hours.
  6. I hate cats.
  7. I’m becoming obsessed with cute little piglets.
  8. I’ve been reading Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill (aka The Book of Negroes in Canada) for 3 years on and off.
  9. I’m an extremely organized scatterbrain so my organization masks my scatterbrain-ness well.
  10. My husband makes me laugh at weird things.

Have a Sunshine-y day! And thanks again bloggedartistry!

Gasp! My Third Blogger Award! The Liebster!

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To say I’m honored is an understatement. I’d say completely enamored. Thank you to Lauren of 2014 and Some Change for the nomination for the Liebster – an award for new blogs!


If you would like to know more about this blogosphere award, here is a link to some of the background on a blog I found by Lorraine Reguly.

Here are the rules:

  • The bloggers that have been nominated must link back to the person that nominated them
  • Nominees must answer the eleven questions given to them by the person who nominated them
  • Those nominated must choose eleven of their fave bloggers that have less than 200 followers to answer their own set of questions (a few of my choices I wasn’t sure about)
  • When you are nominated you cannot nominate the person that nominated you

Here are my nominees, a few are brand new follows but I like them already!

  1. Once Upon a (L)ime
  2. life and loveliness
  3. I Run For Donuts
  4. One day at at time
  5. blogged artistry
  6. Confessions of a Monogrammed Runner
  7. Do Away With SMA
  8. run pretty run fast
  9. 278 to Boston
  10. Running in the Rain
  11. Reading Runner Girl

Questions to answer, and for my nominees to answer:

1. Where is your favorite place to be? Wherever Brett is, preferably somewhere warm

2. Name two songs that describe you. Break Away by Kelly Clarkson, Arms by Christina Perri

3. Who is the most inspirational person in your life, and why? I really don’t know

4. Do you believe in karma? Yes and no

5. If you could have a dream job for a day what would it be? Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream taster

6. Name three annoyances currently in your life. Ignorance, nit-picking, entitlement

7. What “spirit” animal do you best vibe with? Otter

8. How has blogging helped you? It’s helped me realize how much I love writing

9. List two things that you are proud of accomplishing. MAED & a few half marathons

10. Do you have a talent, if so what is it? Easing the tension in a tense situation

11. Where do you envision yourself in five years? Not sure, but it’s not where I am now

So that’s it! Thanks again Lauren and congrats to my nominees!

10 for 10

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I can imagine numerous ideas come to mind when you hear 10 for 10. Not 10 for $10, that’s different.

I’m referring to 10 posts in 10 days! So that means I’ve posted every day this year so far (and 102 posts overall). Now I feel the pressure to continue daily posts and will probably feel a sense of guilt or unproductiveness if I do not post every day!… Great… Why do you think I’m writing now??? Well actually it’s not because I’m enamored with myself for posting 10 posts in 10 days, it’s because I just wanted to see if I could do it – especially while being back at work all day, taking care of a sick husband and keeping up with the miscellaneous tasks of life. This has been a little self-contest – not a resolution – just a contest. I like self-contests! They test my perseverance and will power. And the best part is… I always win.

What kind of contests do you have with yourself? And if you don’t do self-contests, you should try one. The internal conversation can be very interesting 😉