Where Are My Words?

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It’s funny how I started 2014 with posting every single day for at least ten days, and that I’m ending 2014 with a mere two posts in December so far.

Why is that? It’s not like I don’t have a lot to say… maybe the time for my words is not right? Maybe I feel like no one cares? I’m not sure, but I feel a struggle to write.

I’ve also been trying for months to get postings on my educator blog, but there are so many topics to write about, I’m scattered. Poor excuse, I know. I have pieces started and another list of ideas gathered, but I get nowhere fast. Unless there’s a deadline, it seems unlikely right now… but I’ll work on it. I’m not one to say and not do, so I will make it happen on my long flights coming up.

So for now, this will do. A little bit of nothing, but also a little bit of something. And I’m also avoiding reading an excerpt from The Dreamkeepers for work because it aggravated me immediately. So I chose to write instead of being annoyed. 🙂

Three Sightings in a Week

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So I know I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks. In all honesty, I feel like I don’t have a lot to say, but I actually do. New job. Husband away in foreign country. Fall, my favorite season. Friends. Running.

But on my list of what people like to hear – because they’re not usually an everyday occurrence … celeb sightings. I’ve had three sightings this week. All in very different places but all comedic people, funnily enough.

The first was last week during one of my numerous Central Park training runs. As I was in my last mile, I ran by this guy from a TV show who I recognized immediately. Curly haired, short, white dude. No idea what his name is, or what show he was on…

The second was on Monday, and it was so exciting! My colleague and I were leaving one of our school sites, walking and debriefing. In my mid-sentence, she says – “wait a minute”… and I look right beside her to see Jerry Seinfeld getting miked for an interview maybe, or maybe his show Comedians in Cars with Coffee since there was this gorgeous old Mercedes parked just to the right. So we keep walking and then I stopped and asked her like a 16-year old – “should I go and ask for picture?” Well, I answered my own question… I walked back to where the small group were standing and talking, and asked a big dude if I could snap a shot and he said it was fine. So I did! I should have asked him to say something to my Voxer group while I was at it.

Jerry on West 83rd Street

Jerry on West 83rd Street

My third sighting was today, on my way home from acupuncture in the Gramercy area. I was walking past a little playground and saw this woman on her phone, pacing by a stroller. I looked at her because I thought she looked familiar, then she looked at me because I was looking at her. She kept talking and I kept walking. It was Rachel Dratch, who plays Debbie Downer on SNL. I contemplated taking her pic, but I didn’t want to be a creeper hahaha!

So I imagine that will be the end of my sighting for some time. Three in a week was a lot of work. 😉



Dublin Delights

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We’ve been here in Dublin for almost three days and I think I have some things figured out from a lazy first day trying get sleep, a busier second day wandering around Temple Bar area and a third day of Hop On Hop Off Tour Bus and more walking.

First, Irish people are really nice, love to greet you, and are amazing attendants at our hotel. However other really nice Irish people do not offer the greatest service in restaurants. It’s not bad service, just minimal. I guess that explains the no tip rule?

Second, I need to listen very closely to those Irish that I assume speak Gaelic. They speak so fast I have a hard time comprehending! Lip reading doesn’t really help either.

Third, I like the afternoon sunshine but not the chilly, cloudy mornings.

Fourth, unlike London, I’ve actually been quite impressed with all the food I’ve eaten so far. I haven’t had any blood sausage or pudding or Irish Stew yet, but the wings, soup and breads & dips I have had were pretty tasty.

Finally, there are not many runners but plenty of bikers. I was excited to see the many bikes lanes since we will be biking around the city today! Will let you know how that goes!




The Red Haired Lady

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The red-haired lady adds her sense of style to my block. Her hair – red like kool-aid, yet it’s clearly not a kool-aid dye. But the color is definitely her.

She emanates old New York.  Her hair is elegantly styled and she’s dressed in the cutest outfits that add to her charm and appeal. Her tapestry bag at her side. In her bag? I have no idea, but I imagine it’s full of old letters from her deceased husband, scratch tickets, old newspapers from the 1940’s, maybe a picture of her cat with a crown.

She perches on one of the stoops along the blocks or in the worn-out office chair that stays outside the whole-in-the-wall magazine/lotto/candy stall. She just sits and observes, sometimes scratches her lotto tickets or reads the paper, smiling and enjoying her time.

Part of me envies her, having the respect of others or authority to sit in that chair.  She’s clearly build her relationship with the magazine/lotto/candy stall owner. I look for her daily, but she’s not always there. And I wonder where she is. I wonder where she lives and if I will see her again.

I wonder if she knows Gilligan, the man with the hat that sits at Pescatore.

It’s 4am, I Must Be Lonely

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It’s 4:20am in New York according to my computer, however I’m on California time! But seriously how am I even still awake at 1:20am or 4:20am?!

Maybe it’s because Monica and I flew in to San Diego for some California good times before her event next week! And soon Alaa will be home to join in the festivities!

I am so looking forward to…

…kayaking in caves

…paddle boarding

…visiting breweries

…bike riding to Point Loma

…running in Balboa Park

…snorkling with sharks

…laughing and talking

…gazing at palm trees


…thinking or not thinking.



I Call Him Gilligan

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He sits at the same table on the patio at Pescatore on 2nd Ave every afternoon (weather permitting), with his little Lenovo netbook, his plate of bread and glass of wine.

I call him Gilligan because of his hat. I’ve never seen him without the hat. And he does kind of look like Bob Denver.

I imagine he’s a writer, but I have no idea. I just like to have that romantic image of him emerging from this glorious library in his multi-level townhouse. But he prefers to sit on the patio at Pescatore with his little netbook and eat his bread and drink his wine.

Piggie Obsession

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How can you not be obsessed? Much of my twitter feed is pictures of cute little animals. They are so freaking adorable!

IMG_5814 IMG_5901 IMG_6238 IMG_6334Happy Sunday! It’s June!


#tbt #19 – One Year Ago

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This is really weird.

For #tbt I thought I’d look back in my photos to one year ago today. There was a photo of an old student on a field trip with a look of bliss because he had never been to the beach, and there were several other photos of schedules.

Summer schedules. Schedules for the outdoor summer flicks.

The weird thing is that I was doing the same thing today! Except instead of taking pictures of the schedules, Tina and I were emailing them to each other… Weird… Obviously I’m ready for summer!



#tbt #12 – Before HD

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I’m watching the Simpsons the way we used to watch it at the end of the ’80’s and all the way through the ’90’s and the ’00’s before it was HD – and yes – I said the ’80’s! Omg, the Simpsons have been part of our households for 25 years.

When I first started watching HD, yes I thought there was better clarity to the picture, but I didn’t think it was that different. Well, it is! When all you watch is HD for some time, and then you go back to regular old TV, it is quite different. It makes me think I need to wear my glasses to watch it!

I’d say that was a worthwhile advancement in TV technology. Thanks, smart people.



Running With ADD

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Let me start by saying that I surprised myself today. I thought I was be mentally blocked and physically dead, for many reasons. Have to say – my pace was acceptable, and my time decent. And that included a stop for a quick piddle at about mile 10. My Nike+ said 9:36 pace, 2:02:00, fastest 13.1 miles. Not sure about that… and… somehow I managed to run a total of 14.57 miles… Anyway, gotta check my results on NYRR.

So here’s the break down…

The morning started with me walking to the park… it was chilly but I was okay with my layers and such. Unfortunately I just missed the 6 to 59th Street and I wasn’t going to take a cab. So I walked.

Baggage was outside the park along 59th Street and really was efficient because volunteers were just collecting the bags and semi-sorting. They were just throwing them in a bunch of UPS trucks to deliver them downtown to the finish area.

Once inside the park, there were portable security checkpoints that some people walked through and others got the detector wand scanned over the body. That was a new experience for me, security at a race. Helicopters above yes, but not the body scan. But it was a big event and better safer than not.

Corrals were set up in three waves. I was in the third wave with the 20,000-29,9999 crowd of course, with average runners. We had a little bit of a wait in the frigid and windy air since the second wave was just starting. Time seemed to move quickly and before I knew it, my section was slowly moving to the start!

My face and hands were numb for the first couple of miles. Mile three I started warming up but then my LCL (I assume) started giving me grief. This pain occurred mostly while running on some uneven pavement, particularly at Central Park North then later on the bumpy streets downtown.

Once back in the park and after the freaking hills, we exited onto 7th Avenue and ran through Times Square to 42nd Street. That was fun because there were some bands playing and lots of people cheering along the gates.

Tried to get a shot running toward Times Square area

Tried to get a shot running toward Times Square area

As we turned towards the Hudson on 42nd Street, the wind picked up and once again it was cooooold! Damn! Dust flying in my eyes, gusts pushing me back….brrrrr! But upon turning onto the West Side Highway and out in the open, the sun was finally shining on us. That was lovely! The remaining 5 miles were in the sun, with some optional shade.

West side, heading toward downtown. Freedom Tower on the left.

West side, heading toward downtown. Freedom Tower on the left, Chelsea Piers on the right.

I didn’t see the mile markers for mile 9 or 10. Usually that’s around my mental wall time. But today, I just breezed through and when I saw the mile 11 marker, I told myself to get my butt in gear! Those last two miles had to make up for the bathroom break I took, which I usually don’t!

Mile 12 was unique – running through the entrance of the Brooklyn Park tunnel for the last mile and coming to surface by the South Street Seaport. And finally – finish line around the corner on Water Street! That was a lot right?!

Well let me tell you – this usual mental block I expect between miles 8 and 10 as mentioned, I didn’t even notice today – nor did I really long for the next mile marker at all – because there are so many distractions along the route. People, dogs, bike riders, cars, trees, the river, flashing lights, tall buildings. sports complexes, billboards, boats – I think I was just so distracted I didn’t even really think about running that much (except during my somewhat more than occasional knee pain).

Maybe my ADD is useful after all! Be careful and happy running!