Geriatric Yoga

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I really wanted to running today.

I miss the routine of it, the way it clears my mind, the way I feel after. But I knew that I probably shouldn’t go yet since I had a chiropractic adjustment yesterday and my back was a little tender. Plus, I knew it would be smarter to wait at least the two weeks suggested after running a marathon.

So I checked the schedule at the gym and decided that yoga would be the appropriate activity for me today.

Well, note to self – Wednesday 5:30 yoga is not for me. It’s what I’ll call – “Geriatric Yoga”!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed either. First of all, the instructor was 10 minutes late due to hip and knee injuries. She hobbled through the door, letting us know we had to set up her double mat for her, and she would have her friend do the sun salutations for demo.

She was entertaining enough though with her side reversals and crooked body, and the class was enough to get me moving for 50 minutes… yep she shortened the class from 75 minutes. But you know what, good for her, making it to the class anyway. I just know I can’t go back!

It’s 4am, I Must Be Lonely

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It’s 4:20am in New York according to my computer, however I’m on California time! But seriously how am I even still awake at 1:20am or 4:20am?!

Maybe it’s because Monica and I flew in to San Diego for some California good times before her event next week! And soon Alaa will be home to join in the festivities!

I am so looking forward to…

…kayaking in caves

…paddle boarding

…visiting breweries

…bike riding to Point Loma

…running in Balboa Park

…snorkling with sharks

…laughing and talking

…gazing at palm trees


…thinking or not thinking.



Mind Mumbo-Jumbo

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Is that like gumbo? Um, no.

It’s the mish-mash of craziness going on in my mind. You know the feeling I’m sure.

This week was filled with experiences I didn’t know I would have basically until they were happening… Participating in conference calls with prominent members of the education community, writing an Op-Ed article for the Daily News, and then appearing in segment on Good Day NY.

In addition to these career-related events, I did have time for fun at the beach, yoga, The Met, the movies. Each of these events is really a post of their own, but my mind cannot decide which to focus on, and that’s ok so I’ll just leave the list of events for now while my brain settles and refocuses. I’ve literally started writing three different posts and have trashed them all because my mind is not wanting to organize any of the information in a sensical fashion. So… what’s on your mind?

Feel the Love <3

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“When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go downtown
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares

So go downtown
Things will be great when you’re downtown
No finer place for sure, downtown
Everything’s waiting for you…”

You’re feeling lonely?  Like life is too noisy?  You have too many worries?  Well what I think Petula Clark actually meant by downtown was Laughing Lotus Yoga Center… seriously!  This place is one of my sanctuaries in the city.  As soon as you walk in you will see this…

IMG_3722 IMG_3723

Still feeling lonely?  Do you feel the love yet?  Then you turn the corner to see a beautiful mural in the hallway…


How do you feel now?  Serene?  I feel enveloped by love when I walk down this hallway.  The desire to feel calm, peacefulness and know that there are many others seeking tranquility in a hectic place is all I need to keep me coming back.

This mural has not always decorated the hallway.  I’ve watched the studio blossom into this beautiful space where the yoga family at Laughing Lotus are committed to uplifting spirits. Although the studio has been open more than a decade, it continues to evolve into a haven for the yoga community in the bustling city.  I’ve been coming to the studio since the fall of 2011 and have seen the paint colors change, new draperies on the huge windows, new places to store mats, a cleaning station, and more.

Due to my limited attention span I continue to take the magical Lotus Hour class that is offered multiple times per day.  I’ve taken classes with many instructors, all very knowledgable and well-studied in their practices.  I always enjoy the little anecdotes and intentions before our chanting and Ohm’s to open class.  The center also offers tons of workshops and dance parties continuously, some of which I’d like to participate in at some point.

Need some love?  To settle your worries?  Go downtown to some place that makes you feel loved!

P.S. You can check out the sister studio in San Francisco if you’re there!