Mind Mumbo-Jumbo

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Is that like gumbo? Um, no.

It’s the mish-mash of craziness going on in my mind. You know the feeling I’m sure.

This week was filled with experiences I didn’t know I would have basically until they were happening… Participating in conference calls with prominent members of the education community, writing an Op-Ed article for the Daily News, and then appearing in segment on Good Day NY.

In addition to these career-related events, I did have time for fun at the beach, yoga, The Met, the movies. Each of these events is really a post of their own, but my mind cannot decide which to focus on, and that’s ok so I’ll just leave the list of events for now while my brain settles and refocuses. I’ve literally started writing three different posts and have trashed them all because my mind is not wanting to organize any of the information in a sensical fashion. So… what’s on your mind?

2 thoughts on “Mind Mumbo-Jumbo

  1. So much on my mind but one little thing, what I’m going to watch on tv tonight because I don’t have to share.


    • Nice! Finished watching Orange is the New Black the other day. Started Breaking Bad – do you guys watch it?


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