Half-Assed Runner

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Yes! I am a half-assed runner! I have NO problem admitting it! I have no problem not really wanting to improve my time or change routes too much. I’m fine with taking it a bit slower if I want to run longer… if I can mentally make myself that is…

Is that bad? Should I want to run a 9:00 minute/mile rather than a 9:30-9:45min/mile? Should I be more competitive? How much do I push myself? Don’t worry, I already know the answers. But I want to hear yours too.

Well, I’m not completely half-assed I guess. I do have a purpose for running:

  • it’s my thinking time, when I let ideas fly through my head
  • to strengthen my legs and eventually will make them look awesome… still waiting
  • I like the running community
  • it allows me to experience new places and people


And some goals:

  • to run for endurance rather than speed (most of the time)
  • to only sometimes try to beat my own time, like maybe in a 5k
  • to run at least 2 half marathons a year at new venues
  • to push myself to run farther even if my day’s route is complete (mental push there, not physical!)
  • to run more in the winter, yes I tend to be a fair-weather runner….
  • keep having fun just running for the fun of it

What kind of runner are you? Regardless, keep running!

3 thoughts on “Half-Assed Runner

  1. It looks to me that you are accomplishing all your running goals. I don’t see the need to set goals because someone thinks you should. If there is one thing I have learned about this sport, is never say never. Just because speed isn’t your goal right now, doesn’t mean it won’t be your goal two years from now. You have some nifty races coming up, I am particularly enchanted with the BBC 10k! My goal is to get faster, buy your slow speed is my dream speed, so it is all relative. I have endurance tho, I can run for 4-6 hours and not die. That is a win in my books. I have a half on Sunday and a half in 2 weeks. My goal is 3.5 hours. That would pr my time by an hour, so I am getting faster! YAY!
    Running should be fun, otherwise – why do it?
    Happy running!


    • You’re right, maybe I will decide to work on my time at some point. We are going to London soon so I thought I should participate in a run there! Why not right? Good luck on your races! You will be great!


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