Half-Assed Runner

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Yes! I am a half-assed runner! I have NO problem admitting it! I have no problem not really wanting to improve my time or change routes too much. I’m fine with taking it a bit slower if I want to run longer… if I can mentally make myself that is…

Is that bad? Should I want to run a 9:00 minute/mile rather than a 9:30-9:45min/mile? Should I be more competitive? How much do I push myself? Don’t worry, I already know the answers. But I want to hear yours too.

Well, I’m not completely half-assed I guess. I do have a purpose for running:

  • it’s my thinking time, when I let ideas fly through my head
  • to strengthen my legs and eventually will make them look awesome… still waiting
  • I like the running community
  • it allows me to experience new places and people


And some goals:

  • to run for endurance rather than speed (most of the time)
  • to only sometimes try to beat my own time, like maybe in a 5k
  • to run at least 2 half marathons a year at new venues
  • to push myself to run farther even if my day’s route is complete (mental push there, not physical!)
  • to run more in the winter, yes I tend to be a fair-weather runner….
  • keep having fun just running for the fun of it

What kind of runner are you? Regardless, keep running!