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This past week in London has been so amazing on so many levels. Tons of experiences, learnings, sites seen.

But as I walk the streets – listening, eating, observing amongst Londoners; I know I now have one big regret.

Before moving to New York I interviewed in Edmonton for a teaching position in the London area. I went to meet the recruiters at a hotel where interviewing was taking place. They interviewed me, we talked and they hired me. They arranged the paper work. I sent my passport away and it came back with my working visa in it. Then….

I investigated living abroad and I learned how expensive it really was to live here, so when it was time start making more decisions about moving, I didn’t think I’d be able to afford it. Damn!

Looking back, I should have moved anyway. I probably could have made it work. I didn’t try very hard to make it work, besides getting the job lined up. I should have tried harder. I had already lived through a few years of struggling financially as a student and then as a temp after getting a degree in a city that had no jobs to support me.

So time went on. I starting subbing, my visa expired and the opportunity passed me by.

I’m not one to regret what I’ve done or haven’t done. I learn from my mistakes and experiences and move on, but this is one mistake I made and I regret it.

Leaving tomorrow, sniff. We <3 London.

Leaving tomorrow, sniff. We ❤ London.