The Thing About London

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The thing about London is that:

  • the old architecture is amazing
  • it’s really, really big
  • the underground is complicated
  • there are way too many things to do in a week
  • you have to look right first then left when crossing – more difficult than you would think
  • the London Eye may be the death of me
  • the River Thames has incredible views from so many points
  • the map lies, it’s really far to walk between places, this is no NYC
  • people’s accents are cool
  • the service is questionable, hence no tips
  • it’s freaking expensive
  • it’s pretty awesome on many levels
  • there’s tons of really cool neighborhoods
  • it’s not all about Kate & William, only a little
  • Big Ben, the Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, etc are crazily overwhelming and so amazing
  • the food is pretty plain so far
  • there are a lot of good parks to run in
  • the parks are larger than you originally anticipate and are too dark at night
  • the grass is dried up and brown in many areas
  • I like using British words like – lift, loo, tube
  • I’ve been called ‘mum’ by a lady when asked if we wanted to be seated in the rose garden
  • you have to do afternoon tea in multiple locations
Fish & Chips and "The Cod Father" at an English Pub

Fish & Chips and “The Cod Father” at an English Pub

Ok, so that’s after 2 days here.

Let’s see how many more times I will use the word amazing to describe this place.