Something Is Wrong With This Picture…

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I was just reviewing my Jibber Jabber page, taking note of my widgets in particular. My running widgets, actually…

I remember a year ago at this time I was starting to feel a little sad about removing the previous year’s race widgets from the sidebar. Removing those memories from my blog… Yes they live on in my mind, my Instagram or Facebook, but I like having those little boxes reminding me of all the races I’ve participated in! There is one little box that will remain, of course. The OMG I DID IT widget box. That stays forever.

So anyway, as I was scanning down the page, I noticed something. There was wrong with this picture… No registered races for January! What?! None?!

I tried to find something to register for while in Singapore, but no luck. Because I am here another week and a half and I will be away the last two weekends in January also, I must look for a run to register for on MLK long weekend! Granted I will be doing my own running, probably mostly on the treadmill, but no races? Glad January is so busy but really! Usually it’s such a blah month I guess with it being pretty booked up so far, I didn’t notice! Oh well, it’s all good stuff! A great way to get 2015 started!


Hunkering Down & Dreaming

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Well, it’s “slow-cooker Sunday” and we are hunkering down for tonight’s bit of snow. As we wait for our tasty and perfectly-cooked dinner, I am thinking and dreaming… I am envisioning the travel we will be embarking on here and there over the next few months… So In the midst of what I hope is the season’s final dump of the white stuff, I am dreaming of escaping winter and feeling the warm air of… anywhere really… It’s already March and I haven’t gone anywhere since winter vacation. That’s quite a stretch for me!

So let’s break the next few months down. As I evaluate my schedule (some plans include destination running), envision yours and make your travel plans too, if you haven’t already!

  1. March… nada. Sniff. Was hoping to through in a FL weekend to get some sunshine. Not looking good.
  2. April – DC (run), NM, CA (run)
  3. May – AB
  4. June – potentially MA (run)
  5. July – potentially IL (run)
  6. August – CA or NC (undecided), potentially VA (run)
  7. September – potentially PQ (run)
  8. October-December – a little too far to consider for now…

And I’ll be throwing in a trip to SD, CA to visit Alaa! Gotta figure that one out!

So what’s on your travel agenda? If nothing yet, get planning. 🙂