Five More Hours

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It’s 7pm on NYE and I could just head to bed and go to sleep.

Brett and I had a nice late afternoon lunch and beer stop at an Aussie place here in Robertson Quay. I was quite impressed with the food and happy to see a Boston vs Detroit hockey game on the TV.

And now we are home… at 7pm on New Year’s Eve. This is not new; we aren’t New Year’s Eve people. But for today we said we’d have a nap and head down to the pool later, hoping to see the fireworks at Marina Bay.

We will see if that actually happens!

Have fun tonight, whatever fun is to you!


Not One Cup

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First, I would like to say that today’s run in Carmel was simply gorgeous and amazing. The 9 mile route was hilly but manageable. And really no one really cared about the hills because the route was so awesome.


Carmel Bay – mile 1-2


About mile three

Second, I would to say that this run was so clean, it was incredible. East coast runners are disgusting! Hahaha! Water spilled, gatorade dumped making a sticky surface, crushed cups everywhere despite the garbage bags or recycle boxes, Gu packs, spit gobs every other step. Not here! You can feel the California pride in having clean communities! There was not a single cup on the ground. No orange peels. No Gu packs. Hardly any spit. It was a miracle! People can run and get the cup in the recycle box! It’s possible!

Most organized!

Most organized!

Third, the Marathon Village was awesome. There was no crowding in the finish area. No lines for food. They gave you a little tray box for your goodies which included oranges, bananas, apples, strawberries, bagels, muffins, cookies, pineapple juice, milk and then outside was the beer tent. Now, I love the Rock n’ Roll events, but Big Sur had them beat! I’ll be back 🙂





Now What Do I Do?

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Six weekend races in a row and now this weekend I don’t have one… feels really weird… those races kept me on a schedule and in competition with myself. But now… what am I supposed to do? Sign up for more races? I guess! It’s getting cooler and I can turn into a bit of a wimp and become a fair-weather runner. But, I need to wake up early and go to some location and get lined up with other runners and run and then get my medal and snacks after! That’s what my routine has become!

Not this weekend though.

Although I will not be participating in a race this weekend, I will be going on a new adventure with my friend Lisa. On Saturday we will be hiking, zooing and Ocktoberfesting (thanks LivingSocial) somewhere up the Hudson with some other people who enjoy these little outings like we do.

So never fear, I will still have something to write about after this weekends’ outing.