tbt #11 – Happy Days Coming Soon

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July 1st – 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, …. 1975.

Summer, freedom, sunshine, happiness, smiles, beaches, boats, friends, parties, Canada Day events, fireworks, water falls, bar-be-ques, picnics, love.

No alarm, no thinking, no deadlines, no disingenuous drivel, no mounds of paper, no BS.

Welcome spring 2014, and I look forward to your summer too. 🙂

Movies You Might Want to Know About

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During our play date yesterday afternoon, Lana and I were catching each other up on movies we’ve watched recently since she watched eight on her long flight to Korea; and lately Brett and I have been somewhat more incessant about watching movies on Netflix.

Here are some of our findings worth mentioning on Netflix; no serious shows listed:

  1. Butter – about a man who just happens to  be a champion butter carver and a little girl who wants the title, Jennifer Garner plays wife in a great “Sarah Palin” style role
  2. Lucky – Colin Hanks plays a lucky serial killer who wins the lottery, funny show
  3. Girl Walks Into a Bar – interesting cinematography, wasn’t sure if it was a TV who or movie because of the interwoven stories, funny moments
  4. The Vicious Kind – manic brother has issues but becomes infatuated with his brother’s girlfriend, some dark comedic moments, good acting
  5. Drinking Buddies – guy/girl buddies dating other people but should really be dating each other, funny
  6. Lars and the Real Girl – seen it before but really appreciate the role Ryan Gosling plays, mix of melancholy and whimsical
  7. The Switch – also previously watched but you just can’t go wrong with a Jason Bateman flick: a guy who gets drunk and doesn’t remember switching sperm samples in his best friend’s pregnancy plan
  8. The Brass Teapot – young couple finds a teapot that loads them up with cash when certain types of events occur, silly and far-fetched, but fun

Both Lana and I agreed that both The Heat and The Way Way Back are awesomethe latter being one of my faves of 2013. Great coming-of-age story and of course, can’t beat Steve Carrell: funny guy but also plays the perfect asshole.

Have some to add? Please share!

Now What Do I Do?

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Six weekend races in a row and now this weekend I don’t have one… feels really weird… those races kept me on a schedule and in competition with myself. But now… what am I supposed to do? Sign up for more races? I guess! It’s getting cooler and I can turn into a bit of a wimp and become a fair-weather runner. But, I need to wake up early and go to some location and get lined up with other runners and run and then get my medal and snacks after! That’s what my routine has become!

Not this weekend though.

Although I will not be participating in a race this weekend, I will be going on a new adventure with my friend Lisa. On Saturday we will be hiking, zooing and Ocktoberfesting (thanks LivingSocial) somewhere up the Hudson with some other people who enjoy these little outings like we do.

So never fear, I will still have something to write about after this weekends’ outing.