Movies You Might Want to Know About

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During our play date yesterday afternoon, Lana and I were catching each other up on movies we’ve watched recently since she watched eight on her long flight to Korea; and lately Brett and I have been somewhat more incessant about watching movies on Netflix.

Here are some of our findings worth mentioning on Netflix; no serious shows listed:

  1. Butter – about a man who just happens to  be a champion butter carver and a little girl who wants the title, Jennifer Garner plays wife in a great “Sarah Palin” style role
  2. Lucky – Colin Hanks plays a lucky serial killer who wins the lottery, funny show
  3. Girl Walks Into a Bar – interesting cinematography, wasn’t sure if it was a TV who or movie because of the interwoven stories, funny moments
  4. The Vicious Kind – manic brother has issues but becomes infatuated with his brother’s girlfriend, some dark comedic moments, good acting
  5. Drinking Buddies – guy/girl buddies dating other people but should really be dating each other, funny
  6. Lars and the Real Girl – seen it before but really appreciate the role Ryan Gosling plays, mix of melancholy and whimsical
  7. The Switch – also previously watched but you just can’t go wrong with a Jason Bateman flick: a guy who gets drunk and doesn’t remember switching sperm samples in his best friend’s pregnancy plan
  8. The Brass Teapot – young couple finds a teapot that loads them up with cash when certain types of events occur, silly and far-fetched, but fun

Both Lana and I agreed that both The Heat and The Way Way Back are awesomethe latter being one of my faves of 2013. Great coming-of-age story and of course, can’t beat Steve Carrell: funny guy but also plays the perfect asshole.

Have some to add? Please share!