No Running For Four Days?!

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Don’t worry, this definitely doesn’t mean I was doing nothing. This trip to California was actually a great opportunity to do some cross training as part of my marathon training (or at least I tell myself).

So here’s the breakdown of activity since I’ve been here – 10 days so far.

Day 1 (Thursday 7/10): Paddle board yoga at Mission Beach and biking around Coronado Island

Day 2 (Friday 7/11): Morning 3.66 mile run, evening kayaking at La Jolla (complete with seeing baby seals in caves and dolphins swimming in pods!)

Day 3: (Saturday 7/12): Afternoon walk, probably 2-3 miles

Day 4 (Sunday 7/13): Morning 5 mile run

Day 5 (Monday 7/14): Morning 2 mile run, afternoon 4.5 mile walk

Day 6 (Tuesday 7/15): Morning CrossFit class

Day 7 (Wednesday 7/16): Afternoon 6.5 mile hike (I thought this was 8-9 miles, and it definitely felt like it) at Mount Woodson, evening kayak at Coronado

Day 8 (Thursday 7/17): Morning CrossFit class

Day 9 (Friday 7/18): Rest

Day 10 (Saturday 7/19): Morning 4.62 run so far… and just came back from a nice long walk (guessing 2-3 miles).


Day 11: Chargers 5K Bolt to the Q. Had to sign up for a race here, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t!

Day 12: probably another early run, hike, bike ride

Day 13: potential early morning run

I’ve rested this vacation but I’ve also kept my body very active – and it feels great! And when you have views like this, it’s easy to keep active outdoors. 🙂

Potato Chip Rock @ Mount Woodson

Potato Chip Rock @ Mount Woodson

“What if… ?”

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I like asking myself this question often. Just for fun – but this is indeed a very powerful question. I ask myself “what if” not because I am unsatisfied with my life, but because it’s like writing your own Choose-Your-Own-Adventure novel! Just think about all the multiple avenues your life could go!

I think the “what ifs” are sometimes equated with unhappiness, wishful thinking or living an unfulfilled life, but you have the power to turn those “what ifs” into something meaningful – if you want them to!

So… what if… (and this leads to the “Would I?”, of course)

… I moved to Boston instead of New York? Would I like it better? Would I still be there?

… I crossed this street instead of that street? Would I have gotten on the train I needed? Or would I have been hit by a cab?

… I worked under my psychology degree and never went back to school for education? Would I be bored at my job?

… I invented the next app or game that everyone spends their money on? Would I be better off?

… I didn’t become a teacher? Would I have gone back to school?

… I had a kid? Would I live in New York in an apartment?

… Jill and I had gone to Greece to teach English? Would we be drinking ouzo and eating olives in Santorini right now?

… I left 5 minutes earlier this morning? Would my day be different, or the same?

… I decided to move to Paris this summer? Would I eat croissants every day?

… I went to the movies tomorrow instead of work? Well – that’s easy – I don’t have to work!

… I bought those $700 shoes? Would I actually wear them?

… I stayed up all night watching TV? Would it matter?

Hhhhhmmmm. What if… I didn’t write this post? Would you be asking yourself “what if”? Or would you even care?

Now What Do I Do?

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Six weekend races in a row and now this weekend I don’t have one… feels really weird… those races kept me on a schedule and in competition with myself. But now… what am I supposed to do? Sign up for more races? I guess! It’s getting cooler and I can turn into a bit of a wimp and become a fair-weather runner. But, I need to wake up early and go to some location and get lined up with other runners and run and then get my medal and snacks after! That’s what my routine has become!

Not this weekend though.

Although I will not be participating in a race this weekend, I will be going on a new adventure with my friend Lisa. On Saturday we will be hiking, zooing and Ocktoberfesting (thanks LivingSocial) somewhere up the Hudson with some other people who enjoy these little outings like we do.

So never fear, I will still have something to write about after this weekends’ outing.