Summer Anxiety

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One of the beautiful parts of the school year is the routine. Routine provides me with the feeling of contentment and a sense of productivity.

When summer comes around, I get thrown off course. As much as it’s lovely to have time for whatever I want or need to do, I feel the uneasiness of a lack of routine. The first few days off are always the time literally get away and detach for me, but when I return home, I need structure.

I go through this sort of summer anxiety in which I’m getting bearings about what I want or need to do in this time that I have. I feel like I need to fill it to the brim with reading, writing, walking, exploring, learning, organizing, booking … seriously – I need to calm down! Goodness knows I can’t have nothing to do… severe summer ADHD! There has never been a summer where I had no travel or additional work plans.

This summer is much more about diverse travel experiences since we have moved overseas, but my in-between time is a little muddled and disconcerting, however by no means in a negative way. I’m still getting used to the relaxed feel of the mornings, and determining my day plans when I’m ready to get up (when in reality I have them roughly settled in my mind the night before). Soon enough I will feel established in my summer routine, and if I don’t – that’s ok too.

I just need to get over it. (Exhaling…)



Missing All Those Races

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From September of last year to this past June, I participated in so many races. Fifteen from January to June alone. All over the city, Philly, DC, California. And now, only two races in the next three months.

I can’t stand it anymore! I need to go crazy and start registering for some! I have been holding off because of many upcoming changes and travel, but now that I have an idea of what’s happening in at least the next few months, I can go nuts registering!

Seriously! I miss the corrals, costumes, bibs, expos, medals, bagels, volunteers, scenery, everything! So here I go! By tomorrow, my widgets will be updated. First up will be finding one in or near Dublin, and then I will add to my September and October line up locally. Stay tuned! 🙂

Back to Semi-Routine, for a Couple of Days Anyway

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The new school year begins.

The alarm woke me up this morning, begrudgingly. A couple of teacher days, a four-day weekend, then the new kiddies come in next Monday.

I like getting back into routine even though it means that soon I will be getting up in the dark. That’s the worst part. Once I’m up and awake I’m fine with the rest of the routine-filled day. I bet our days are not so different…

6am – Get up & get ready

6:30-6:45am – Get picked up to go to work

7:00am – Arrive at school and prep for the day

8:00 – 11:05am – Pick up the students & teach

11:10am – Lunch

11:55am – 3:00pm – Pick up the kids from lunch then teach some more

3:05pm – ? – Clean up, prep, plan for the next day, maybe attend a meeting

Late afternoon – yoga or run

Early evening – get home, change, cook/order/eat, veg out, shower

Between 10:00pm-11:00pm – Bed

Then wake up and do it all again. Makes me feel like Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day

And by Friday, I’m ready for no routine 🙂