Becoming Bob Wiley

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We watched What About Bob? last weekend – first time in quite a while, however far from the very first time watching. Definitely a show we’ve always thought was funny because of Bob Wiley‘s crazy neurosis and ease for finagling his way into Dr. Marvin’s family.

However… while watching it again still made me laugh, I recognized some of myself in Bob Wiley… funny? Maybe, maybe not! The fact that I have identified my own neuroticisms and obsessions might give me more of an advantage over those who do not, but I’m not sure if Bob Wiley is a character with whom I wish to identify!

In light of recent events this week (which were a mishmash of related and unrelated nerve-racking incidents), I pledge to not overindulge in thoughts and situations that give me anxiety!

So here’s to days of relaxing, reading, sunning, some productive thinking, and enjoying planned and unplanned activities with friends and family. MY friends and family ahahahaha!

Cheers to summer! 🙂




Back to Semi-Routine, for a Couple of Days Anyway

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The new school year begins.

The alarm woke me up this morning, begrudgingly. A couple of teacher days, a four-day weekend, then the new kiddies come in next Monday.

I like getting back into routine even though it means that soon I will be getting up in the dark. That’s the worst part. Once I’m up and awake I’m fine with the rest of the routine-filled day. I bet our days are not so different…

6am – Get up & get ready

6:30-6:45am – Get picked up to go to work

7:00am – Arrive at school and prep for the day

8:00 – 11:05am – Pick up the students & teach

11:10am – Lunch

11:55am – 3:00pm – Pick up the kids from lunch then teach some more

3:05pm – ? – Clean up, prep, plan for the next day, maybe attend a meeting

Late afternoon – yoga or run

Early evening – get home, change, cook/order/eat, veg out, shower

Between 10:00pm-11:00pm – Bed

Then wake up and do it all again. Makes me feel like Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day

And by Friday, I’m ready for no routine 🙂