Best Running Apps?

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I’m struggling people!

I’ve used 3 running apps and all seem to start well but end up not working out. I’ve tried:

Endomondo – Decent app, might go back to it, but it’s quite a battery drainer. Hopefully an update fixed that…

RunKeeper – Loved this one until the GPS went crazy! It had me running 7 minute miles! I wish! I really really want to use it again because it’s exactly what I wanted in an app. I loved the pause feature. I’m not super crazy about having exactly precise stats, but let’s get real, I don’t run a 7 minute mile.

Runtastic – Highly rated but I hate the constant advertisements to upgrade to the gold app. Leave me alone, I don’t want it. You can’t pause your workout either and that drives me crazy. If I want to stop for a picture I have to stop the workout and start another. Boo!

So I googled the best running apps… Number 1 comes up as RunKeeper! What??? Others have had the same GPS problem so I don’t trust the list…


10 thoughts on “Best Running Apps?

  1. Buy a Garmin, phone GPS is unreliable. Or spring for the upgrade. You are hilarious, what’s the upgrade cost? I bet you spend more on ice cream 😀


    • Oh I know I spend more on ice cream hahaha! If you love something, eat it… I think the upgrade is a whopping $2.99 or $4.99? But there’s nothing on the upgrade that I want to use soooooo, ok I’ll look into the Garmins.


  2. I’m a total tech-newbie but I haven’t ever really had too many problems with Nike Run+! It’s pretty easy to use and you can pause and I’ve never had a problem with the GPS that I know of.

    You should check it out if you haven’t already!


  3. Not really a running app, but the NHS choices podcasts are really good! They have couch to 5k, and 5k plus- They’re on iTunes, definitely worth a look! 🙂


    • I haven’t, it’s been recommended to try out a Garmin. I’m resistant because I don’t like things touching me when running – sounds weird I know! I don’t think I’d like the sweat under the wristband, I can’t even stand running with headphones because of the cord. I don’t run with an armband for my phone either, I use a stretchy belt that holds what I need. I’m a bit of a finnicky one hahaha!


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