Common Sense is Not So Common…

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One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard, mostly because it is so very true!

You know my posts are usually pretty sunshiny, but I do have those days – don’t we all – when the things people do just annoy the crap of me.

So here is my list of “Please Don’ts”, because a list of “Things That Annoy Me” is not very Canadian of me 😉


Thanks for sending me this cute and oh so true tweet Monica – Honorary Canadian!

Please don’t…. (Whoa – be careful, I’m writing in red!)

  • spit on the sidewalk
  • run on a crowded sidewalk
  • ride your bike on the sidewalk (yes, I’m a bit of a side walk rule Nazi)
  • ride your bike in the wrong direction in the bike lane
  • leave your doggy doody on the sidewalk
  • be rude
  • act like you’re entitled to something

Is this too much to ask? Please use your common sense, if you have it.

I’ll stop there. My next list will be a PLEASE DO!

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