Just Keep Running

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Welcome 2015!

It might be the first day of a new year, but of course it’s just another day really. No need for resolutions if you take each moment as an opportunity to be great.

Anyone make a resolution to up your miles? No resolution here …. That’s why I not sweating being about 13 miles short of the 900 mile mark on my Nike+ app before January 1st… okay, I did sweat it a little. I made a secret goal with myself. Close enough right? I guess. The miles will be in within the next few days so I’m not getting caught up in not making the goal, I’ll just keep running! The only person that cares is me anyway! Goals or milestones mean a lot; resolutions… I think I was clear about those last year.



Enjoy your day and make it what you want it to be!

Five More Hours

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It’s 7pm on NYE and I could just head to bed and go to sleep.

Brett and I had a nice late afternoon lunch and beer stop at an Aussie place here in Robertson Quay. I was quite impressed with the food and happy to see a Boston vs Detroit hockey game on the TV.

And now we are home… at 7pm on New Year’s Eve. This is not new; we aren’t New Year’s Eve people. But for today we said we’d have a nap and head down to the pool later, hoping to see the fireworks at Marina Bay.

We will see if that actually happens!

Have fun tonight, whatever fun is to you!


Couldn’t Stand It!

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I couldn’t!

I had to register for a race! I miss them.

I need to run, so I registered for the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park mid-Decemeber to make myself feel better. I did the run last year and it was lovely so, you know. But I don’t want to move my marathon widget! I’ll have to figure something out to keep it showcased…

And ok – so I applied for the NYC half in March too! So sue me!

I feel a little better now 🙂


Geriatric Yoga

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I really wanted to running today.

I miss the routine of it, the way it clears my mind, the way I feel after. But I knew that I probably shouldn’t go yet since I had a chiropractic adjustment yesterday and my back was a little tender. Plus, I knew it would be smarter to wait at least the two weeks suggested after running a marathon.

So I checked the schedule at the gym and decided that yoga would be the appropriate activity for me today.

Well, note to self – Wednesday 5:30 yoga is not for me. It’s what I’ll call – “Geriatric Yoga”!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed either. First of all, the instructor was 10 minutes late due to hip and knee injuries. She hobbled through the door, letting us know we had to set up her double mat for her, and she would have her friend do the sun salutations for demo.

She was entertaining enough though with her side reversals and crooked body, and the class was enough to get me moving for 50 minutes… yep she shortened the class from 75 minutes. But you know what, good for her, making it to the class anyway. I just know I can’t go back!

So Ready

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Ok. I got my bib. #64018. Signed in at my team’s table.

Mentally planning what I need to prepare Saturday night… thank goodness for that extra hour…

Actually I’ll get my things ready tomorrow night while everyone else is out for Halloween festivities.

So excited, but trying to relax into the moments leading up to the big day.

A lot happening this weekend. Mostly good. All packed with emotion. Been running on adrenaline for the last week I’m pretty sure.

Totally prepared to burst into tears at the end of my run. Thank you to everyone has been so supportive, both in words and in donations to Fred’s Team.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Davits center.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Javits center.



Last Summer Race

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Tomorrow morning marks this summer’s last race of the season for me. I haven’t participated in any races since my 5k in Ireland so I’m ready to get out there with a group of people and run through Flushing Meadows Park. Tomorrow is NYCRuns Queens Half Marathon. While I’m not particularly excited about probably waking up to my alarm on a Sunday morning, it’ll set me up for an energizing day.


I’m also very ready for my fall running calendar to take effect, a few more races on my list than in the summer. Looking forward to it! What’s on your fall list?


#tbt #35 – It’s September Again

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This was the first day of school in over a decade that I was not greeting a new set of students.

How did it feel you ask? Kind of glorious to be honest, but mostly bittersweet.

When you spend year after year setting up a classroom then teaching, nurturing, evaluating, etc – and then you decide it’s time for another chapter in your life to begin, you really reflect on the countless hours of work and preparation you put in.

Was it worth it? Sure. Did I love it? At the time, yes. Do I regret leaving? No.

It was definitely time for me to make a change. Don’t get me wrong – leaving an amazing staff was tough, but I knew I needed to move on. If I had gone back into the classroom this year I anticipate I would have burned myself out long before March – the usual time of year when burnout for me occurs.

This September marks a change in my life, a welcome one. Maybe in a few years I’ll return to the classroom, refreshed from making that necessary change. We’ll see.



Your Body Won’t Take Care Of Itself

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And neither will your mind.

Taking care of ourselves physically and mentally/emotionally takes time and thought. If we don’t do it, it’s not going to happen on it’s own. If you are feeling headachy, stressed, anxious, depressed, tingly, heavy or whatever else, here is a list of things I’ve tried and have found success in getting myself back into physical and mental shape.

1. Get a massage – I mentioned this in another post not so long ago. Just do it. Get all your knots worked out. You’ll thank yourself.

2. Try acupuncture – Get your energies balanced so your body can function properly and you can feel calm and relaxed.

3. Go to a naturopathic doctor – Try some herbal supplements to regulate your body naturally and without side effects. When your body feels healthy, your mind will follow.

4. Get outside – Engage in physical activity. Go walking, jogging, biking, hiking, yoga, or anything to get your blood flowing.

5. Meditate – Train your mind to be peaceful and serene.

6. Reduce your consumption of caffeine – Try decaf like I am to reduce the jitters and physical effects of anxiety.

7. Be social – Nothing takes your mind off your stressors like talking with friends or meeting new people.

8. Hypnotherapy or therapy – Let a trance and a calm voice help you work through limitations and/or talk through your stressors, anxieties, life with someone who knows nothing about you.

Taking care of your social emotional needs will help you stay physically healthy. Never dismiss the effect of your thoughts on your physical well-being.

Happy Sunday!

Missing All Those Races

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From September of last year to this past June, I participated in so many races. Fifteen from January to June alone. All over the city, Philly, DC, California. And now, only two races in the next three months.

I can’t stand it anymore! I need to go crazy and start registering for some! I have been holding off because of many upcoming changes and travel, but now that I have an idea of what’s happening in at least the next few months, I can go nuts registering!

Seriously! I miss the corrals, costumes, bibs, expos, medals, bagels, volunteers, scenery, everything! So here I go! By tomorrow, my widgets will be updated. First up will be finding one in or near Dublin, and then I will add to my September and October line up locally. Stay tuned! 🙂



Meat On Sticks

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I bet you thought of “Something About Mary” didn’t you? Well, that’s not where I’m going with this.

You see them in all urban areas, people with their signs who need help. Harmless, but it makes you wonder how people up this way.

So today as I walked by a young guy with his head down, reading his sign. I appreciated the fact that he would work for food. I walked a couple blocks and stopped at a food cart. Not just the hot dog cart, but the kebab cart. I actually took into consideration this guy’s need for appropriate food. What if he was allergic to the nitrites in the hot dog? Yes, I seriously think of these things.  So I went the kebab cart next to the hot dog cart, asked the cross-eyed gentleman for a chicken kebab and a water.

After the chicken was ready, I walked back the couple of blocks and said hello to the boy who is down on his luck.  He looked like he hadn’t eaten for a couple of days, or was coming off something, not sure. But regardless, he needed to eat.

When he looked up, his dreary eyes lit up as much as they could. He was happy in that moment. I saw gratitude. Definitely not like the time I bought a coffee for a lady and then she had the nerve to ask if I stirred it. He accepted the meat on the stick (and in a bun) with the water very graciously and carefully unwrapped it to eat. That meat on a stick made someone’s day today.


I crossed the street and watched him enjoy his chicken. That made me smile.