I Miss You Warmth

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Walking around a little after work today getting some errands done helped me remember that winter will pass, but the walking around did make me miss some things I used to really enjoy long ago and not so long ago… particularly in warmer weather…

… running through the sprinkler

… after-work yoga at Laughing Lotus with Monica

… walking home from yoga in my yoga clothes

… ice cream treats from Dickie-Dee

… riding my bike to Red Rooster/Tags with Joc for our daily slush and donut

… jumping on the trampoline

… the smell of lip smackers

… listening to ’80’s hair bands on repeat

… frequent stops for froyo

… lake time with Jill

… Green Bay Resort in the Okanagan with Joc

… road trips to wherever

… green leaves and blossoms in Central Park

… walking out the front door and walking or running for hours

… patio dining

… long hours of daylight, waking up with the light and going to sleep as the sun goes down in the late evening

Sniff… I can’t wait for warmth.


Friend Therapy

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The last two weekends have been full of friend time, and the next three weekends will be about the same.

Spending time with friends both at home and away from home is so much fun. Friend time has so many benefits, like therapy. Some benefits very obvious, some maybe not as obvious… however all positive when you’re friends with the right people!

Friend time allows for…

… talking/catching up on what’s going on in our lives

… bouncing ideas off of each other

… eating at great restaurants we may not normally eat at

… sharing opinions about society’s big problems

… planning trips together

… collaborating about world domination

… dreaming about a more peaceful and productive society

… talking about great books we’ve read and recommending the ones we love to each other

… laughing at funny things we’ve said, done or plan to do

… crying about anything without judgement

… challenging each other to be the best version of ourselves

… nonsense

… just time together in the same space

… self-reflection of ourselves as friends, and the kind of friend we want to be…


One Red Arm

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Yes, just one of my arms is a little red, and that’s okay because it was a result of an awesome day.

I picked up a bike from KickStand Bicycle Shop near my place and rode down the East River to meet up with Lisa at South Ferry. Our plan was to bike up the Henry Hudson Parkway along the west side of Manhattan. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect considering the day before was rainy.

To no surprise it was busy down at South Ferry and parts of Battery Park, but once we got out onto the path, it was smooth sailing. We were pleasantly surprised how quiet the path was the whole way uptown. We rode with ease along the path, past the little outdoor cafe at 42nd Street, the Boat Basin at 79 Street, and finally stopped for a snack break at 125th Street.

Courtesy Lisa Fort @toolmarks

Courtesy Lisa @toolmarks

Once back on the path, we continued our conversation, pedaling easily until we approached the George Washington Bridge. Here we experienced a couple of steep hills bringing us up to a higher elevation from the river.


GWB on the way back down

Once we biked past the bridge at 188th Street, we had to do a little weaving to get to Inwood Park, however we didn’t quite make it into Inwood Park, but somehow beside it… We weren’t sure quite how to navigate from there, so we turned ourselves back downtown.

At the end of our path

At our turn-around point

By this point we were in need of beer and food, which we enjoyed at The Boat Basin. We sat out on the front patio, with a view of the sailboats in the marina, and facing the gorgeous sun – hence the red arm. 🙂

Downtown view

Downtown view

Our journey took about 6 hours in all, including biking and lunching. Once we reached South Ferry again, I left Lisa to take the subway home. I had to bike up the east side again and I wasn’t sure if my butt could stand it! It did however, all the way to 42nd Street and 1st Avenue at which time I had to dismount due to UN Assembly street closures.

After I dropped off the bike, I stopped to get my pint of Ben & Jerry’s and crashed on the couch at home. What a day!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself, biking and talking with Lisa. We saw some beautiful landscape along the river and crossed another outdoor adventure off our lists!

Staten Island vs. NFL Football

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On the weekend my friend, Lisa and I met up for a day of NYC mini-exploration. The original plan was to bike up the Hudson Parkway, but the forecast said 80% of rain so we changed our plans. Instead, we went to The Met and wandered around, looking at some art and talking.

So amongst our conversation came the news that Lisa had purchased two Denver Broncos vs. NY Jets tickets preparing plans for an out-of-town friend. As it turns out her friend won’t be able to make it so she asked me if I wanted to go with her. Dang! It’s the same day as the Staten Island Half Marathon. I had been wanting to run Staten Island to complete the 5-borough half series with the NYRR. Immediately I had a dilemma – do I run the Staten Island half or go to my first ever NFL game with Lisa?

Initially my response was that I’d do both, however logistically it probably won’t work.

The race starts at 8:30am. I’d be done around 10 and would have to trek to either her place or mine to shower and change. Getting to either place would take just as long as the other, at least an hour. Then to get from my house or hers to the stadium would require getting to Penn Station then getting on the NJ Transit battling the masses to the game.



Could I do both? Could we make it there for the 1pm start? Potentially, but I think it might be a little crazy to try. We will see though, I’ve done crazier things.

It’s 4am, I Must Be Lonely

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It’s 4:20am in New York according to my computer, however I’m on California time! But seriously how am I even still awake at 1:20am or 4:20am?!

Maybe it’s because Monica and I flew in to San Diego for some California good times before her event next week! And soon Alaa will be home to join in the festivities!

I am so looking forward to…

…kayaking in caves

…paddle boarding

…visiting breweries

…bike riding to Point Loma

…running in Balboa Park

…snorkling with sharks

…laughing and talking

…gazing at palm trees


…thinking or not thinking.



Guess Whose Birthday Is Tomorrow?

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Chances are.. not yours right? Nope! But let me tell you a story first before we talk about this birthday.

So, I was out with Monica (friend/co-teacher) and her daughter at their summer club, Bay Terrace Country Club, in Bayside Queens today. We played some tennis, swam around in the cool water of the surprisingly mostly unpopulated pool, laid on the chairs, chatted.

As Monica and Savannah went for a second round in the pool, I sat under the umbrella reading and listening to the voices around me. Voices that are quintessentially Long Island voices. Italian. Nasally. Semi-loud. Voices that make me chuckle a little.

As I listened and read, watched people jump in the pool or walk for their frogurt, I was transported to the setting of the movie Way, Way Back that I saw last summer with my movie buddy Tina. I thought about the boy who took a job at the summer club to escape his mother’s horrible boyfriend. For some reason I could relate to him. Not because I was escaping my mother’s awful boyfriend, or even a hard-to-deal-with family member. It just made me feel like a typical American on summer vacation. You know, the family (or some of them) goes to the country club, they enjoy their time doing summertime activities day after day. Days filled pools, beaches, reading books, playing cards, bonfires, late nights outside, enjoying the perfect weather.

But alas! I am not American! I am Canadian! And although I have been enjoying American summers for several years now, these summer days are different from my summers in Alberta. Not good or bad different, just different.

Yes, I enjoyed my share of lake days with Jill, boating, playing cards, drinking, dancing, walking in the river valley, attending festivals, and so on. And today, sitting there, at the poolside of a summer club in Bayside Queens, listening to those nasally Long Island voices made me think of the celebrations that proud Canadians will be attending tomorrow. Wearing their red and white, eating poutine, drinking a double-double, a clam-eye or a Caesar or maybe Molson. And I want to be there… but I’m not… so enjoy my fellow Canadians!

It’s Canada’s birthday.




#tbt20 – Edmonton

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Egad. Brett and I are going to Bray’s high school graduation this weekend in Edmonton as I mentioned in a post a few days ago… the first I’ve attended since my own in 1993… I’m interested to see the trend in dresses. Will I see some dresses from the ’93 ahahaha?! I’ll let you know…

So you’d think I’d be tbt-ing about my 1993 grad from WCHS, but I’m actually throwing it back to my Edmonton days in general.

So Brett and I rented a house in Old Strathcona/Mill Creek – which I always equated with some shabbiness. Yes, there’s still some dumpy buildings, but there is a lot of rebuilding and it turns out it’s a great little place. Good location for running in Mill Creek Ravine and walking over to Whyte avenue for lunch, drinks, or just walking.

We ran a nice four mile distance this morning down the ravine and into Rossdale. We actually ran part of our old route when we used to live in the river valley.

We finished running and decided to just keep walking to get coffee. We noticed some different places on Whyte Ave; ones I thought weren’t great like The Tilted Kilt, but there were a few decent changes since I’ve lived here like a couple of new bierhouses. I had fond memories when I saw some of the places I used to frequent in my university days – places like Funky Pickle Pizza, Queen Donair, Elephant & Castle, Fat Franks. There are now the trendy froyo and cupcakes places which I’ve seen my last couple of visits that add some new flavor to Whyte Ave, which I like. We met mom for a nice lunch a Packrat Louie, a restaurant we should have visited more often when we lived here.

coffee you love

coffee you need

Something I’m looking forward to is going to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market on Saturday to pick up our steaks and veggies for the BBQ on Sunday – after my Community Action 5k Dash of course! I’m trying to get better at taking pictures when I’m here, so stay tuned for more Edmonton.

#tbt #19 – One Year Ago

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This is really weird.

For #tbt I thought I’d look back in my photos to one year ago today. There was a photo of an old student on a field trip with a look of bliss because he had never been to the beach, and there were several other photos of schedules.

Summer schedules. Schedules for the outdoor summer flicks.

The weird thing is that I was doing the same thing today! Except instead of taking pictures of the schedules, Tina and I were emailing them to each other… Weird… Obviously I’m ready for summer!



tbt #11 – Happy Days Coming Soon

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July 1st – 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, …. 1975.

Summer, freedom, sunshine, happiness, smiles, beaches, boats, friends, parties, Canada Day events, fireworks, water falls, bar-be-ques, picnics, love.

No alarm, no thinking, no deadlines, no disingenuous drivel, no mounds of paper, no BS.

Welcome spring 2014, and I look forward to your summer too. 🙂

It’s Love Week <3

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So love one another right now! 



Yes, we should (bad word) always put our most loving selves forward, but some days it’s harder to be loving for whatever reason, so… try hard this week to be extra kind, loving, tolerant and patient. Keep in mind that there are too many unloved and forgotten people.

Take the time to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you:

Give an extra long hug or kiss

Ask “Will you be my Valentine?”

Make a cup of coffee before work

A special dinner

Or just a cuddle on the couch while watching a movie

It’s also a busy birthday week ahead on my end – my nephew and co-teacher on the 12th, my mom the 14th, Jill the 15th AND my mother in-law the 19th! Happy birthday week!