Staten Island vs. NFL Football

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On the weekend my friend, Lisa and I met up for a day of NYC mini-exploration. The original plan was to bike up the Hudson Parkway, but the forecast said 80% of rain so we changed our plans. Instead, we went to The Met and wandered around, looking at some art and talking.

So amongst our conversation came the news that Lisa had purchased two Denver Broncos vs. NY Jets tickets preparing plans for an out-of-town friend. As it turns out her friend won’t be able to make it so she asked me if I wanted to go with her. Dang! It’s the same day as the Staten Island Half Marathon. I had been wanting to run Staten Island to complete the 5-borough half series with the NYRR. Immediately I had a dilemma – do I run the Staten Island half or go to my first ever NFL game with Lisa?

Initially my response was that I’d do both, however logistically it probably won’t work.

The race starts at 8:30am. I’d be done around 10 and would have to trek to either her place or mine to shower and change. Getting to either place would take just as long as the other, at least an hour. Then to get from my house or hers to the stadium would require getting to Penn Station then getting on the NJ Transit battling the masses to the game.

Could I do both? Could we make it there for the 1pm start? Potentially, but I think it might be a little crazy to try. We will see though, I’ve done crazier things.

3 thoughts on “Staten Island vs. NFL Football

  1. I’m not worried about it! Will decide as the time approaches, map it out and see the travel time. The finish line is at the ball park by the ferry… so I think it could potentially work if I went home and we met at Penn.


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