#tbt #36 – No Words

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Thirteen years ago the skyline looked different. These two beams in the distance have represented a change in recent American history for the past several years.


4 thoughts on “#tbt #36 – No Words

  1. 13 years have seen a lot of changes:some good & some bad. It still saddens me when I remember that day seeing the towers being attacked! Watching people jumping to their deaths. It was and still is so overwhelming!!!


    • No, I moved here in 2006, but even as a transplant in the city, I can’t explain the arising emotions being down at that site. Even with the rebuilding, there is still a sense of tremendous loss and this thought of unbelieving that something like that could have happened in the place that you stand. It’s really incomprehensible.


    • Also, a new colleague was telling me the story of that day in her life as we sat and had coffee, looking at the new tower on 9/11. So completely frightening to know someone had such a close experience to that day. She lived and still lives only blocks from the site.


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