So Ready

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Ok. I got my bib. #64018. Signed in at my team’s table.

Mentally planning what I need to prepare Saturday night… thank goodness for that extra hour…

Actually I’ll get my things ready tomorrow night while everyone else is out for Halloween festivities.

So excited, but trying to relax into the moments leading up to the big day.

A lot happening this weekend. Mostly good. All packed with emotion. Been running on adrenaline for the last week I’m pretty sure.

Totally prepared to burst into tears at the end of my run. Thank you to everyone has been so supportive, both in words and in donations to Fred’s Team.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Davits center.

At the TCS NYC Marathon Expo at Jacob Javits center.



Running Anxiety

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It exists.

I have it.

I think it developed this month, a crucial training time for the marathon. The closer the marathon became the less I wanted to run… the more I wanted to do nothing… the more anxious I felt… but now after this morning’s run, I’m feeling pumped!

So in one week from this moment, I will be heading to the start line, finding my wave and my corral. I hate to say I just want to get it over with, but I do! Actually, it’s not even the 26.2 mile part of it, it’s the everything that leads up to the start. Once I’m on my way I’ll be fine!

It’s the getting up early enough to eat my oatmeal. It’s the dressing for the chilly morning. Then it’s taking the 1 down to South Ferry. Then taking the 8:00am ferry to Staten Island. Then it’s the walking to the start area. And then re-feeding myself. And then waiting a couple of hours to start in the cold, knowing that thousands have already started.

BUT – once it’s my time to go… that’s it! There’s no turning back, and that’s the part I’m looking forward to! Crossing the start and running through this amazing city, eyes and ears open to the sounds of this monumental event in my life.

And the anxiety will be gone.


I’m Done With A Lot Of Things Right Now Thanks

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Here’s the list of topics, news, ideas I’m so over right now…

1. Ebola

2. Waking up in the dark

3. Fundraising

4. Incompetence

5. Nonsense

6. The media instilling fear in the public

7. Shootings

8. Knowing winter is approaching

9. Inconsiderate people

10. I hate to say it, but… training runs!

That’s my mental unload for this lovely Saturday morning. 😉



Go Away & Relax

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Sorry … Forgot I drafted then didn’t post last weekend… Soooo

I might have taken two flights to get here and will be taking another two home, but the holiday weekend away was a restful one.

Since Brett was away for most of September, came home a week and then had to go to Austin for two weeks, I decided the Indigenous People Day weekend would be a perfect little getaway.

I’ve been before, as some of you may recall Hipster Austin, so I knew Brett and I wouldn’t be running around doing a bunch of stuff. Since he works nights right now, the day he has is precious, so we took it easy by walking a little in the river valley, enjoyed coffee and relaxed in the awesome suite at the Omni Downtown.

Both he and I caught up on sleep, had a nice time laughing at some silly stuff – which we hadn’t had a chance to do for some time, and just spent quiet time together. This is what years and time together do right? You just really want to be with each other. I find that my exploration time is more friend time now, and the quiet/local vibe is for Brett and me – which suits both of us just fine.


I’ve Been Lapped

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Hey, it happens when you don’t run a 5-minute mile.

This morning I ran the Grete’s Great Gallop, a half marathon put on by Fred’s Team charity. By signing on to fundraise for Fred’s Team, I gained entry to the 2014 TCS NYC marathon.

So yesterday was to be my long run, but I wasn’t feeling great and knowing I was running a half today I didn’t feel too guilty about not running yesterday.

As I ventured into the chilled air at 8:3o this morning, I ran to the start line to put in a couple extra miles as my way to make up miles from yesterday. I was feeling good, despite the windy, cool air. I dressed appropriately in my Fred’s Team long sleeve tech shirt and the Grete’s tech shirt, along with my shorts.

At the Start

At the start

I was glad I was warm when I got to the start because had to wait about 10 minutes to start. The first miles were great, but by mile three I already had to tinkle so I decided to step off at the pit stop at the trough of the Harlem Hills. Turned out there was a bit of a line, no big deal.

As I was waiting, I heard the whistle. No way! I was getting lapped already! The first runner was lapping me while I was waiting to pee at my 3.5 mile mark – but he was at his 9.5 mile!

All I could think (or say actually) was – “holy shit, that guy’s fast”. For a split second I felt inferior to his champion running abilities. I’m not sure why considering he is a professional athlete and I am far from it. It’s really more of an honor to share a course with city/state/national/international champion runners. It’s really exciting to watch the first runners go by and cheer them on!

Alas I finished, an hour and some minutes after I had been lapped. And to think, a mere four weeks until I cross that same finish line at the end of my first full marathon.

That Was Thirteen Years Ago

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What was?

Meeting my husband. Our first date. My first experience eating Indian food. 🙂

The last week of September and beginning of October encompass a few significant dates for us – our “meetaversary”, our first date, and our anniversary.

Who knew at the time we’d be where we are now.

Our lives are so different from then.

But in a great way.

An intense way.

A learn and grow way.

An “I wouldn’t change it” way.