Running Anxiety

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It exists.

I have it.

I think it developed this month, a crucial training time for the marathon. The closer the marathon became the less I wanted to run… the more I wanted to do nothing… the more anxious I felt… but now after this morning’s run, I’m feeling pumped!

So in one week from this moment, I will be heading to the start line, finding my wave and my corral. I hate to say I just want to get it over with, but I do! Actually, it’s not even the 26.2 mile part of it, it’s the everything that leads up to the start. Once I’m on my way I’ll be fine!

It’s the getting up early enough to eat my oatmeal. It’s the dressing for the chilly morning. Then it’s taking the 1 down to South Ferry. Then taking the 8:00am ferry to Staten Island. Then it’s the walking to the start area. And then re-feeding myself. And then waiting a couple of hours to start in the cold, knowing that thousands have already started.

BUT – once it’s my time to go… that’s it! There’s no turning back, and that’s the part I’m looking forward to! Crossing the start and running through this amazing city, eyes and ears open to the sounds of this monumental event in my life.

And the anxiety will be gone.


4 thoughts on “Running Anxiety

  1. One week! You are amazing. I think most of the runners are going through what you are. What resolve you have! The pride I have for you is immense ! STARTING! , WOW! and COMPLETING !!!! Triple extra good luck, I hope you have the best run ever!

    Keep on Keeping on Running girl love Aunty Sabrina


  2. You will do great, watch! Those jitters are the best… Take everything in, because you’ll see, it’ll be over before you know. Nothing like your first marathon. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Enjoy every bit!


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