Remember Sunscreen Lady?

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Well in case you don’t, here is the link to my post about Sunscreen Lady… Read, then read on here.

So I walked by Sunscreen Lady yesterday on my way back from Bed, Bath & Beyond with a heavy bag in my hands – another slow cooker actually. I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Lisa tomorrow and I wanted to have a second one to cook the stuffing.

I’m walking down 1st Ave, past Financier and I see her – Sunscreen Lady. In her puffy down jacket, with her long stringy hanging out the sides of her hood, her cart in front of her. In her minuscule voice she says “can you get me some lunch from here?”.

Say wha? I keep walking, obviously pursing my lips! And if you read the original Sunscreen Lady post, you know why!


She just asked me, and who knows how many more people, to buy her lunch at Financier. First, it’s not cheap, and second – she obviously doesn’t remember the Starbucks turkey sandwich that someone kindly left on her table at Starbucks no less, and then offered it to me because she didn’t want it… and when I said no thank you she then threw it in the garbage?! Seriously?! And who knows how many times she’s done that!

I don’t know her mental status or her home arrangement, but really? She’s asking me to buy her lunch – not just a coffee, bagel or water, nope – lunch! At Financier! I’m one of those people who often buys food for people on the street because no one should be hungry which you know from my street meat post, but she is just one person I can’t do that for. So I guess she didn’t realize that in fact she was asking the wrong person on Thanksgiving weekend, of all weekends, to buy her lunch.

So anyway, let’s just say that today I’m still slightly aggravated but I know that I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a friend, who I know will be thankful!


Life Changing Treats

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You heard me.

Life. Changing. Treats.

And by treats, I mean cookies, ice cream, desserts 🙂

Why am I writing about this now, after writing a post yesterday that I signed up for races? Well, because I’ve had some amazingly delicious treats lately. So when you’re out and about in NYC, find these at some point. You can thank me later.

1. The Compost Cookie or Crack Pie – Momofuku Milk Bar (UWS, Midtown West)


2. Chocolate Walnut cookie – LeVain Bakery (UWS, Harlem, East Hampton)


3. Maple Bacon Cheesecake – Beauty & Essex (LES) – sorry couldn’t find a pic

4. Salty Pimp – Big Gay Ice Cream Shop (LES, West Village)


5. Chocolate Salted Caramel doughut – Dough (Brooklyn, Union Square, Smorgasburg)


6. PB & Jelly cake (and their red velvet is my fave) – Buttercup Bakeshop


7. Tiramisu mini-cupcake – Baked By Melissa



I think that’s where I’ll end my list for today. I think I’ve OD’d on sugar just looking at the pictures.

Couldn’t Stand It!

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I couldn’t!

I had to register for a race! I miss them.

I need to run, so I registered for the Ted Corbitt 15k in Central Park mid-Decemeber to make myself feel better. I did the run last year and it was lovely so, you know. But I don’t want to move my marathon widget! I’ll have to figure something out to keep it showcased…

And ok – so I applied for the NYC half in March too! So sue me!

I feel a little better now 🙂


Geriatric Yoga

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I really wanted to running today.

I miss the routine of it, the way it clears my mind, the way I feel after. But I knew that I probably shouldn’t go yet since I had a chiropractic adjustment yesterday and my back was a little tender. Plus, I knew it would be smarter to wait at least the two weeks suggested after running a marathon.

So I checked the schedule at the gym and decided that yoga would be the appropriate activity for me today.

Well, note to self – Wednesday 5:30 yoga is not for me. It’s what I’ll call – “Geriatric Yoga”!

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed either. First of all, the instructor was 10 minutes late due to hip and knee injuries. She hobbled through the door, letting us know we had to set up her double mat for her, and she would have her friend do the sun salutations for demo.

She was entertaining enough though with her side reversals and crooked body, and the class was enough to get me moving for 50 minutes… yep she shortened the class from 75 minutes. But you know what, good for her, making it to the class anyway. I just know I can’t go back!

My One And Only

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I guess I could try and describe November 2nd, 2014 to you – the day I ran the TCS NYC marathon. My first marathon, and my only.

I could go through the play-by-play of the morning getting to the start and describe the emotions running through me as I ran through this great city. But telling you wouldn’t really do the experience justice. You would have had to have been there, experience it, and bask in the enormity of this life-changing event.

Training for and running this marathon taught me a lot about myself and what I can do, including how to deal with struggles along the way.

I remember telling someone in a little over a year ago that I would never run a marathon. That running a marathon was crazy. But today, I can say I have done it. I know it’s cliche to say – but never say never. You’d be surprised what you can do, and the incredible sense of accomplishment that comes with it, especially when you think you can’t. And taking so many people on the ride with you is another accomplishment in itself.

Take a chance and do something you never thought you would, or could do. You will be amazed at the adventure it takes you on.

Total exhilaration at 26 miles, just 0.2 to go!

Total exhilaration at 26 miles, just 0.2 to go!

Looking back at the finish

Looking back at the finish


The most precious medal I have earned.


A sea of blue capes to stay warm at the end.