Remember Sunscreen Lady?

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Well in case you don’t, here is the link to my post about Sunscreen Lady… Read, then read on here.

So I walked by Sunscreen Lady yesterday on my way back from Bed, Bath & Beyond with a heavy bag in my hands – another slow cooker actually. I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Lisa tomorrow and I wanted to have a second one to cook the stuffing.

I’m walking down 1st Ave, past Financier and I see her – Sunscreen Lady. In her puffy down jacket, with her long stringy hanging out the sides of her hood, her cart in front of her. In her minuscule voice she says “can you get me some lunch from here?”.

Say wha? I keep walking, obviously pursing my lips! And if you read the original Sunscreen Lady post, you know why!


She just asked me, and who knows how many more people, to buy her lunch at Financier. First, it’s not cheap, and second – she obviously doesn’t remember the Starbucks turkey sandwich that someone kindly left on her table at Starbucks no less, and then offered it to me because she didn’t want it… and when I said no thank you she then threw it in the garbage?! Seriously?! And who knows how many times she’s done that!

I don’t know her mental status or her home arrangement, but really? She’s asking me to buy her lunch – not just a coffee, bagel or water, nope – lunch! At Financier! I’m one of those people who often buys food for people on the street because no one should be hungry which you know from my street meat post, but she is just one person I can’t do that for. So I guess she didn’t realize that in fact she was asking the wrong person on Thanksgiving weekend, of all weekends, to buy her lunch.

So anyway, let’s just say that today I’m still slightly aggravated but I know that I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a friend, who I know will be thankful!


3 thoughts on “Remember Sunscreen Lady?

  1. I did not remember that one, she actually threw a sandwich in the garbage and then goes around asking people for food. At expensive places to top it off. Unbelievable!!!! What gall ! what disrespect! a little too picky if you ask me. She probably eats better than I do. Glad you did not fall for it Tammy


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