Go Away & Relax

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Sorry … Forgot I drafted then didn’t post last weekend… Soooo

I might have taken two flights to get here and will be taking another two home, but the holiday weekend away was a restful one.

Since Brett was away for most of September, came home a week and then had to go to Austin for two weeks, I decided the Indigenous People Day weekend would be a perfect little getaway.

I’ve been before, as some of you may recall Hipster Austin, so I knew Brett and I wouldn’t be running around doing a bunch of stuff. Since he works nights right now, the day he has is precious, so we took it easy by walking a little in the river valley, enjoyed coffee and relaxed in the awesome suite at the Omni Downtown.

Both he and I caught up on sleep, had a nice time laughing at some silly stuff – which we hadn’t had a chance to do for some time, and just spent quiet time together. This is what years and time together do right? You just really want to be with each other. I find that my exploration time is more friend time now, and the quiet/local vibe is for Brett and me – which suits both of us just fine.


One thought on “Go Away & Relax

  1. I am glad that you & Brett had some together relaxing time. You need that as a couple . Enjoy!!


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