Just When You Need It

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The last couple of weeks at work had me running near empty. Feeling like I was torn in so many directions, all energy spent. While still keeping up with the fitness routine as a way to barely stay balanced, I felt myself slipping into the abyss of exhaustion and negativity.

Since moving to and starting work in Singapore last year, I had mostly removed counting down to the next holiday because life became more manageable. But isn’t it true that the longer you invest your time in a place, the more work you take on? I’m a bit of a “yes” phase right now, and I’m okay with the saying yes… it’s just more like actual adulting again. So anyway, because the start to the year was more hectic than last – but in different ways – I found myself counting down to the long weekend.

And then it arrived! How glorious! The long weekend and a nice weekend getaway to Langkawi with Brett and a few friends. True be told, we all needed a recharge. Just a couple of days relaxing at the pool bar, reading, eating and enjoying each other’s company.

Grateful to have these opportunities to get away like this, especially with such lovely people.



Go Away & Relax

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Sorry … Forgot I drafted then didn’t post last weekend… Soooo

I might have taken two flights to get here and will be taking another two home, but the holiday weekend away was a restful one.

Since Brett was away for most of September, came home a week and then had to go to Austin for two weeks, I decided the Indigenous People Day weekend would be a perfect little getaway.

I’ve been before, as some of you may recall Hipster Austin, so I knew Brett and I wouldn’t be running around doing a bunch of stuff. Since he works nights right now, the day he has is precious, so we took it easy by walking a little in the river valley, enjoyed coffee and relaxed in the awesome suite at the Omni Downtown.

Both he and I caught up on sleep, had a nice time laughing at some silly stuff – which we hadn’t had a chance to do for some time, and just spent quiet time together. This is what years and time together do right? You just really want to be with each other. I find that my exploration time is more friend time now, and the quiet/local vibe is for Brett and me – which suits both of us just fine.