It’s Love Week <3

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So love one another right now!

Yes, we should (bad word) always put our most loving selves forward, but some days it’s harder to be loving for whatever reason, so… try hard this week to be extra kind, loving, tolerant and patient. Keep in mind that there are too many unloved and forgotten people.

Take the time to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you:

Give an extra long hug or kiss

Ask “Will you be my Valentine?”

Make a cup of coffee before work

A special dinner

Or just a cuddle on the couch while watching a movie

It’s also a busy birthday week ahead on my end – my nephew and co-teacher on the 12th, my mom the 14th, Jill the 15th AND my mother in-law the 19th! Happy birthday week!

2 thoughts on “It’s Love Week <3

  1. I always try to compliment people it does not matter if I know them or not! I f I see someone that has a nice hair color, or a shirt, jacket, etc, something that stands out and looks good a=on them I tell them. I have even told strangers that they look absolutely beautiful just because they do. I always smile at people wherever I am and I get a lot of smiles back in return. A smile can make a person feel good, even if you yourself are not feeling that great yourself.I try to remember birthdays I know Tammy yours is sometime in early March I believe…Happy birthday month to all the people I wished Happy birthday to and tried to reach out and wish them a happy birthday but could not get a hold of them !!!!Sabrina


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