I Guess I Didn’t

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So I thought I registered for the Al Gordon 4M at Prospect Park tomorrow morning. Initially I didn’t register because I thought I was going to be in San Diego visiting Alaa this week. But when I knew I couldn’t make the trip happen, I THOUGHT I registered for this run. I put in my calendar, added it my race widgets and was mentally getting myself ready for the early get-up on Saturday.

When I didn’t receive an email from NYRR to pick up my packet yesterday, I became confused… I checked my dashboard on the NYRR site and didn’t see the race on my list… I checked my email for a receipt… Not there.

Hmmmm, so I guess I didn’t register. Bummer. And it’s sold out. I guess I’ll be in charge of motivating myself to get out while the weather is 50 degrees. 🙂

Happy weekend!