Friend Therapy

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The last two weekends have been full of friend time, and the next three weekends will be about the same.

Spending time with friends both at home and away from home is so much fun. Friend time has so many benefits, like therapy. Some benefits very obvious, some maybe not as obvious… however all positive when you’re friends with the right people!

Friend time allows for…

… talking/catching up on what’s going on in our lives

… bouncing ideas off of each other

… eating at great restaurants we may not normally eat at

… sharing opinions about society’s big problems

… planning trips together

… collaborating about world domination

… dreaming about a more peaceful and productive society

… talking about great books we’ve read and recommending the ones we love to each other

… laughing at funny things we’ve said, done or plan to do

… crying about anything without judgement

… challenging each other to be the best version of ourselves

… nonsense

… just time together in the same space

… self-reflection of ourselves as friends, and the kind of friend we want to be…


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