Mental Medicine

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I woke up yesterday and got right into some of the errand running I had to do – before I went running-running. Usually I go running first, before any to-dos, but yesterday my body just wasn’t ready to move in the early morning.

So on my list of errands – drop off dry cleaning, stop at bank, make some copies of documents, blah, blah, blah… When I completed round one of errands, I thought I would be making an excuse not to run, but as it turned out, I was ready.

My thoughts as I walked were unnecessarily busy of course. I was thinking mostly about the paper work that needed to be completed and the documents I needed to track down.

Once I started to run, I started to relax right away.

En route I did my usual observations of sights, sounds and smells around the park. Play groups, soccer, horses, pedi-cabs, bag pipes, bubbles, the zoo crowd.

When I was about 3/4 done my route, I noticed that my overloaded, boggled mind had become uncluttered. I felt relieved and lighter. My mind felt medicated. I realized that I didn’t even notice when my mind became present. Being present and staying present is tough in a busy place with a busy life, but running does that for me.

I’m telling you, running is mental medicine. I just wish I could bottle that.

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