#tbt21 – ’80’s Toys

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A field trip to Liberty Science Center today sent me back in time. To the ’80’s. Why? Because of the Rubiks Cube exhibit!






… many cubes.


Luxurious cube – diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires!


Wall of cubes


This kid could maneuver that cube with one hand!

So of course I went in search of some of my favorite toys of the ’80’s!

Etch-a-Sketch was a nice linear drawing tool. I think the shaking was the most fun.

Rubiks Cube was a good challenge, could get one side the same color but that’s about it.

Definitely loved my view finder. My favorite was Disney’s Fantasia.

Simon Says I was pretty good at. Maybe that’s why my number memory is so strong…



I kind of miss my Snoopy Snow Cone machine.



I had one CareBear. And that’s all I wanted was the one. The yellow one.

Ah! This calculator! I used to use this and my moving adding machine when I played office.

Loved, loved, loved my Strawberry Shortcakes. Still love the smell. Yes, the ones at my mom and dad’s still smell.

I was obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids. In fact, my first one looked like the boy on the bottom left except with light hair. His name was Oscar Florian. And I had one had that looked like the girl on the top left. Her name was Delta (something…). I guess I shouldn’t even say were or was… since I still have them. They are at my mom’s too.



And finally, my favorite Barbie. Peaches & Cream. Joc and I would set up all the Barbie furniture and then be done with it. The setting up was the funnest part (yes, I say funnest).



What were your faves?

WW #21

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#tbt20 – Edmonton

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Egad. Brett and I are going to Bray’s high school graduation this weekend in Edmonton as I mentioned in a post a few days ago… the first I’ve attended since my own in 1993… I’m interested to see the trend in dresses. Will I see some dresses from the ’93 ahahaha?! I’ll let you know…

So you’d think I’d be tbt-ing about my 1993 grad from WCHS, but I’m actually throwing it back to my Edmonton days in general.

So Brett and I rented a house in Old Strathcona/Mill Creek – which I always equated with some shabbiness. Yes, there’s still some dumpy buildings, but there is a lot of rebuilding and it turns out it’s a great little place. Good location for running in Mill Creek Ravine and walking over to Whyte avenue for lunch, drinks, or just walking.

We ran a nice four mile distance this morning down the ravine and into Rossdale. We actually ran part of our old route when we used to live in the river valley.

We finished running and decided to just keep walking to get coffee. We noticed some different places on Whyte Ave; ones I thought weren’t great like The Tilted Kilt, but there were a few decent changes since I’ve lived here like a couple of new bierhouses. I had fond memories when I saw some of the places I used to frequent in my university days – places like Funky Pickle Pizza, Queen Donair, Elephant & Castle, Fat Franks. There are now the trendy froyo and cupcakes places which I’ve seen my last couple of visits that add some new flavor to Whyte Ave, which I like. We met mom for a nice lunch a Packrat Louie, a restaurant we should have visited more often when we lived here.

coffee you love

coffee you need

Something I’m looking forward to is going to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market on Saturday to pick up our steaks and veggies for the BBQ on Sunday – after my Community Action 5k Dash of course! I’m trying to get better at taking pictures when I’m here, so stay tuned for more Edmonton.

How Did This Happen?

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Brayden is graduating high school this weekend. I’ve known him since he was five-ish. Where did the time go?

Just One More!

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Today’s Brooklyn Half was a great race! My eighth qualifier for 2015! Only one more to go!

To prep – I fed myself well this week, had decent sleep, and was mentally sound (neither the bike nor the basketball incidents affected me!).

Getting there was fine – the 2 train was running and the operator was humorous so that was nice. I also helped a girl try to locate her lost contact in her eye – not a good way to start a race!

Arrival – I’d say this was the only snafu. The bottlenecking into the security screening for low-alert level event was not ideal… but other than that, no big deal.

En route – nice weather, great course, good energy! Only a little IT discomfort on the downhills but nothing major. Although the new Mizunos are great, my feet felt quite fatigued by about mile eight. Nothing one can’t power through!

Finish area – so awesome! On the boardwalk (which was a bit slippery from the sand) of Coney Island, surrounded by an amazing crowd cheering, and along side the beach and the Atlantic. I didn’t stick around for the after-party though, it was quite crowded so I hopped on the subway to head home for my iced beer. 🙂


#tbt #19 – One Year Ago

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This is really weird.

For #tbt I thought I’d look back in my photos to one year ago today. There was a photo of an old student on a field trip with a look of bliss because he had never been to the beach, and there were several other photos of schedules.

Summer schedules. Schedules for the outdoor summer flicks.

The weird thing is that I was doing the same thing today! Except instead of taking pictures of the schedules, Tina and I were emailing them to each other… Weird… Obviously I’m ready for summer!



Brooklyn Half Expo = Awesome

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This is why the Brooklyn Half Expo was awesome – because of the views mostly!


Expo at Pier 2 Brooklyn Bridge Park with a view of the Statue of Liberty


Pier 2 left, downtown view right


Three day pre-party with food, beer, music, gear and hair cuts


Brooklyn Bridge to the right


View of the Presidential helicopter coming in


Music with a beautiful backdrop


Presidential choppers over the Hudson


Other side of turfed stage area


Suspension bridge leading to the park area


New condo construction under the walking bridge

Sorry I didn’t capture my short rib taco or pumpkin whoopee pie 😉

So Worth It

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This was mentioned a few times at school today during our Dance/Arts Festival – and I’ll say it again.

Despite the head aches, annoyance, frustration and hours spent in dance rehearsals with children … as a teacher, you are always proud when your students perform.

Dancing the Kuku

Dancing the Kuku

Double Qualifier Weekend

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This was the first time I’d run two races in one weekend. Why would I do that? Well because I wanted to get my qualifying races done before summer. So – because I completed two races this weekend, I only have two more to complete my 9+1 qualifiers for the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon! And to think – a year ago I said I would never do a full marathon… Never say never.


“My Mom Gave My Dad a Kidney So I Run For Love”

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That was the sign on a girl’s shirt today for the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k. That’s when I decided I finally need to pick a charity to donate my miles to. For the amount of running I do, I should be, and now I will run with a greater purpose. Yes, there are times when partial registration fees are contributed to charities, but not always. I’ve been struggling to decide which charity to run my miles for.

I know a common charity choice is some sort of scientific research around diseases like cancer, usually because loved ones had been affected by it. Totally makes sense. There is often a lot of focus on supporting children, and again – very valid. So as I ran and thought and ran and thought, and as I ran past some older runners – and by older I mean 70ish – I wondered what supports they had in their want and need to remain active. Or what about bettering our communities through building gardens or something like that? So my quest is to choose my charity in the next short while. Or maybe I’ll just have to pick a few!