“My Mom Gave My Dad a Kidney So I Run For Love”

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That was the sign on a girl’s shirt today for the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k. That’s when I decided I finally need to pick a charity to donate my miles to. For the amount of running I do, I should be, and now I will run with a greater purpose. Yes, there are times when partial registration fees are contributed to charities, but not always. I’ve been struggling to decide which charity to run my miles for.

I know a common charity choice is some sort of scientific research around diseases like cancer, usually because loved ones had been affected by it. Totally makes sense. There is often a lot of focus on supporting children, and again – very valid. So as I ran and thought and ran and thought, and as I ran past some older runners – and by older I mean 70ish – I wondered what supports they had in their want and need to remain active. Or what about bettering our communities through building gardens or something like that? So my quest is to choose my charity in the next short while. Or maybe I’ll just have to pick a few!

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