Brooklyn Half Expo = Awesome

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This is why the Brooklyn Half Expo was awesome – because of the views mostly!


Expo at Pier 2 Brooklyn Bridge Park with a view of the Statue of Liberty


Pier 2 left, downtown view right


Three day pre-party with food, beer, music, gear and hair cuts


Brooklyn Bridge to the right


View of the Presidential helicopter coming in


Music with a beautiful backdrop


Presidential choppers over the Hudson


Other side of turfed stage area


Suspension bridge leading to the park area


New condo construction under the walking bridge

Sorry I didn’t capture my short rib taco or pumpkin whoopee pie 😉

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Half Expo = Awesome

  1. when are you finished your spring into last day before summer break ? Amazing how close a resembalance the picture you took one year ago is so similar to the one this year? Canny/uncanny? do things change or how much do they stay the same.May 26,2014 is my last day for this year’s ELLA program at the UofA (Education Long -Life Leaarner’s Association) for students 50t; many 80 & over! It costs $214.00 CAD for 3 weeks (April 30 – May 16 2014). You are allowed to take one to 4 courses, Monday to Friday for those 3 weeks during Spring Session. The cost is the same wether you take one or akk 4 courses. This year they hhd close to 600 applcants!! I took Palentology ; Women in religon; Indenginous people in Canada* 100years Progress? and Art and archtecture of n and ne Europe. There no exams;alot of discussion pannels. Now brain is expierencing burn out from lack of use, It has been akot of fun, Hard and exciting! Mind blowing at times. I have already joined ELLA for $20.00 fee for 2015 in order they will send me a catalogu next year and The classes I want first choice I may have better luck getting into next Spring, I did howver really enjoy all the classes I attened this year,
    Good luck with your end of the year preparations and best of luck this summer!


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