Just One More!

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Today’s Brooklyn Half was a great race! My eighth qualifier for 2015! Only one more to go!

To prep – I fed myself well this week, had decent sleep, and was mentally sound (neither the bike nor the basketball incidents affected me!).

Getting there was fine – the 2 train was running and the operator was humorous so that was nice. I also helped a girl try to locate her lost contact in her eye – not a good way to start a race!

Arrival – I’d say this was the only snafu. The bottlenecking into the security screening for low-alert level event was not ideal… but other than that, no big deal.

En route – nice weather, great course, good energy! Only a little IT discomfort on the downhills but nothing major. Although the new Mizunos are great, my feet felt quite fatigued by about mile eight. Nothing one can’t power through!

Finish area – so awesome! On the boardwalk (which was a bit slippery from the sand) of Coney Island, surrounded by an amazing crowd cheering, and along side the beach and the Atlantic. I didn’t stick around for the after-party though, it was quite crowded so I hopped on the subway to head home for my iced beer. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Just One More!

  1. Tammy when I first met you, you were about one or two years old!!!! Where did that time go! On May 10th
    Chanelda had a birthday party to celebrate Grayson’s 2nd birthday, Your cousins with their children (your 2nd cousins) were there. Kathy,Trish,(Christie couldn’t male it because she was at school} however your Aunty Janet brought her children to the party. It was amazing to see how fast the 2nd cousins to you and the rest of your cousins are already growing so fast,though they are still young, I remember all of you girls and the boys of the first generation of cousins and it seems like a ticktock in time.!! Congrats on your marathon prep for 2015. I know you will do great running girl. Keep healthy! Enjoy yourself! Here is to your last qualifier the Oakley 10k mid-June. Best wishes. Aunty Sabrina


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