London Learnings

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Today I learned that:

  • underground escalator étiquette is the same as NYC subway escalator étiquette
  • 0% chance of precipitation means it will rain
  • sausage on a baguette = good
  • we are just a few blocks from St. Mary’s Hospital, where Prince George was born
  • lines move very quickly
  • the tube is really tube-shaped
  • it is more difficult to figure out which Oyster card you need than to figure out the underground system
  • the aquarium is a better place for me than the London Eye, hence no heart attack
  • vacation races are something I want to do more of. BBC 10k completed!
  • although there are millions of people, the city does not feel crowded
  • I really like the simplicity of the bridges but also love the majestic-ness of the Tower Bridge
  • beer after running is never a bad idea (but I already knew that)
  • there are only 24 more to my half marathon – and I definitely need new running shoes!

Tube riders are mostly newspaper readers

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