Speaking Eloquently

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Jibber jabber.

It comes out of a lot of people’s mouths. A lot of words that mean nothing or few words that mean a whole lot. Words, words, words. Just to hear one’s own voice or to say something worth saying. I would prefer to be the latter in both of these statements, but that’s not always the case.

For years I’ve wanted to increase my vocabulary so that the words that come out of my mouth would be more enjoyable to listen to… more informative… stimulating! But of course not always, that would be too intense.

I also want to able know what all the words mean when I read. Come on, I’m not the only who doesn’t know the meanings to some words when I read, am I?

I want to sound more intelligent. Granted it would be counterproductive if I used language that no one could understand, but I would love to be one of those people who has a way with words.

Funny that I’m not writing this because I went to a literacy curriculum workshop today, or because I learned about the percentages of rare words in texts – I’m writing it because I was inspired when listening to a potential new hire at school yesterday. Weird, right? Not really. I was so encapsulated by the eloquence of this guy’s way of speaking that I wanted him to keep talking and sharing his experiences. His speech and writing motivated me to improve my own skills AND I think he will be able to help me out with my upcoming project…

So I think I’ll sign up for Word of the Day or something nerdy like that, because I like that kind of nerdy stuff! It’ll make me smarter!

One thought on “Speaking Eloquently

  1. I am reading a PAPER book right now and tapped the word I needed a definition for. Ya… I need the ereader to keep me smarterish. You are not alone 🙂


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