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Brett and I are those people who obsess over songs, sometimes listening to the same song all day long.

Here are some of our song obsessions (mostly mine). Some are new songs and others are long withstanding obsessive repeats:

  • Arms, Distance and Miles by Christina Perri
  • Bonfire Heart, Blue on Blue, Miss America by James Blunt (in the past I was obsessed with his 1973 album)
  • Say Something by A Great Big World
  • Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks then Adele
  • Volcano by Damien Rice
  • Life for Rent and Mary’s in India by Dido
  • Lights by Ellie Goulding
  • Tiny Dancer and Your Song by Elton John (also the Moulin Rouge version of Your Song sung by Ewen McGregor)
  • Float by Flogging Molly (this one is Brett’s – this song does drive me a bit bananas after a few listens)
  • You & I and Be OK by Ingrid Michaelson
  • Let Her Go by Jasmine Thompson
  • Wish You Well by Katie Herzig
  • Human, Space Man, and A Dustland Fairytale by The Killers
  • Sign No More and Little Lion Man by Mumford & Sons
  • Leave, Falling Slowly, Say it to Me Now, Sleeping, and Gold by Steve Kazee & Cristin Milioti (from Once on Broadway – best show I’ve seen btw)
  • Story of my Life by One Direction (Shhhh)
  • Stay by Rihanna (but we prefer the Barkhouse version 😉 )
  • Chasing Cars and You Could be Happy by Snow Patrol
  • I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys (Ha! Yes…)
  • Anything Bon Jovi from the albums Slippery When Wet, New Jersey, Cross Road

*This list of course not limited to these songs by any means.

I have a strong emotional memory to songs, as many people do; and the memories associated with many of these songs are ones from times in my life I wish I could capture in a bottle.

I’d love to hear the songs you put on repeat! I hope my list brought some fond memories to you. I’m sure many of your repeats will spark more memories of mine!

7 thoughts on “Songs on Repeat

  1. Yesterday,American Pie, Me and Bobby Maggee,(any Janis Joplin songs), California Dreaming, Heart of Gold ( Neil Young .any Neil Young I have all of his music plus just finished reading his awesome book !), Hallelujah (Roy Orbison &/or sung by K D Lang) Crying (R.O. & with K.D.) One Of Us (Joan Osborne),The Rape of the world /Tell like it is / Give Me One Reason/Remember The Tinman(Tracy Chapman) Tapestry (Carol King) Dreamboat Annie (HEART) B.B.King music, Carpenters music,Beatles,Stones,Guess Who,The Poppy Family,Otis Reading(the ultimate),Michael Jackson (dangerous),Moondance(Van Morrison) ,The Doors,Stairway to Heaven,I Listen to soul music, jazz,heavy,metal,some country. I have a tambourine and when the music is loud and fast I dance around and bang the tambourine to my hip ,just have fun pretending I know what I am doing. The last CD I bought was the Sojourners, 3 black men who desire to speak out about about issues of our learn to live together and hear cries of our brothers and sisters when they need us illuminates us on that journey..we welcome you to continue to sing out for justice and freedom(part of insert from cd) Marcus Morosely,Will Sanders,Khari McClelland.The cd Sing and Never Get Tired is awesome. Their voices are so beautiful. If you ever get a chance to listen to it listen and enjoy. Sabrina


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