Fitbit One, You Are So Cute

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This little gadget is so awesome, and so cute (this pic is pretty close to the actual size). My cute little Fitbit tells me a lot of things I’ve always wanted to know.

For example:

  • number of steps I make
  • how many flights of stairs I take
  • miles walked
  • number of sleep hours I get
  • how long it takes me to fall asleep
  • how many times I’ve woken up in the night
  • how many restless periods of sleep
  • times for all of these events (in a nifty bar graph)
  • how many calories I’ve burned
  • what type of activity I’m engaged in (light, active or very active – color-coded of course)
My day - January 7, 2014

My day – January 7, 2014

And if I wanted, I could:

  • log in water consumed
  • set goals or make meals plans (um, no)
  • track calories eaten
  • connect with Fitbit friends
  • add photos

I wear mine all the time now, and no one knows (even me)! And – Brett has also bought into the Fitbit nation, whoa!! 🙂