Throwback Thursday #1 – 2014 Edition “Grad ’93”

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Last week over the holiday break I was in hometown Alberta for Christmas Eve at mom and dad’s. Since my brother, sister in-law, nephew, niece and I took a drive past our high school (my brother’s and mine), I thought it was appropriate that my #tbt this week be a high school graduation day photo. That day was 20 (and a half) years ago…



Two decades? Seriously? Nooooo.

Sometimes high school doesn’t seem that long ago and other times it seems like a lifetime when I think about how our lives have all become so different.

Circa June 1993, my parents back yard

Circa June 1993, in my parents back yard (I’m in red)

The five of us were very close throughout high school and university however, our chosen paths eventually lead us all in our own directions. Although we parted physically, we are all from the same place – and have our cherished memories of each other.

Countless experiences and interactions with life in general have shaped our lives since then – careers, boyfriends, husbands, friends, kids, travel – but essentially I know inside we are still the same people. Although I am not as close to all of these wonderful ladies as I once was, I know that who we were then, is also who we are now: good old friends. Despite distance, time apart, or who our new friends are – my memories tell me that will remain.

(P.S. I did have a lunch date with Joc in green last week, and had a cocktail date with Alison in black but had to cancel due to feeling like crap! 😦 . Tanya in purple and I are in contact on FB, and Monica in blue and I email every once in a while to catch up).

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