Up and Down Day

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Today was an up and down day. Mostly ups and super trivial downs.

1. Up – woke up before my alarm which was nice because I wasn’t rushing

2. Up – ordered my new iPhone, would be ready to pick up after work

3. Up – lovely walk to workshop on the west side

4. Up – great workshop facilitator and information

5. Up – relaxed lunch in the park

6. Up – learned that CitiBike was moving on up to Harlem!

7. Down – false information from the Daily News, no CitiBikes in Harlem

8. Up – got out of workshop 15 minutes early

9. Down – checked email about phone pick-up and it said they were shipping…. so cancelled order…

10. Up – checked phone availability and there were still some available in store so I walked to the Apple Store at Grand Central to get one since my cancellation hadn’t gone through yet

11. Down – got to store and no phones available

12. HUGE up – when walking home from Grand Central, the Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich truck was parked right outside the east walkway like it was placed there just for me (today I enjoyed the ginger cookies and strawberry ice cream)

12. Up – home early to relax and maybe do a little run

13. MOST IMPORTANT UP – tomorrow is Friday



14. UPDATE: Unfortunately, another down – the vegetable soup I’ve had brewing in the slow cooker all day is BLAND! Ick! Disappointed.

Summer Streets Etiquette

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For the past 6 Augusts, Mayor Bloomberg has dedicated 7 miles of Park Avenue – from 72nd Street all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge for Summer Streets, on three consecutive Saturdays.

Fab idea! I love it! Runners, walkers, bikers, and bladers can enjoy the car-free zone from 7am-1pm on those Saturdays.

This year, with the new CitiBike system (kudos to the DOT/citibank for that), getting a bike was far easier so hubs and I decided to bike down from our ‘hood to Brooklyn Bridge. Last Saturday was really pleasant because it was a little rainy so the street was pretty open.


Biking downtown

Yesterday was a different story. Because of the perfect weather provided by Mother Nature, the streets were far busier. And of course they should have been, people are out enjoying this glorious event!

Along the route there are signs to alert you to rest stops, activity stops and this year a voice activated pop-up art installation in the tunnel just south of Grand Central.

There are also many signs to show that pedestrians should walk or run on the right and bikers should bike on the left. Makes sense right? Well, not to everyone…. so here is some etiquette for Summer Streets. Again, common sense – not so common…

To enjoy Summer Streets, or any public event like festivals, parades, etc, please follow this simple etiquette (although I know this really doesn’t apply to you – it’s more of a vent with a positive tone haha!):

  • follow the rules of the road! You are not the only person there.
  • pay attention to your surroundings, you are not the only person there
  • watch out for others, you are not the only person there
  • if you are biking and need to pass, look behind you before darting out, you are not the only person there
  • clean up after yourself, there are garbage cans everywhere
  • use your bell, you are not the only person there
  • teach your kids the rules of the road before you head out to the streets, your family is not the only one there
  • give people their personal space whether running or biking, you are not the only person there
  • have fun 🙂

I know I live in a place where there are tons and tons of people, but just think a little. That’s all I ask 🙂

Minus the few people who did annoy me, we still had a good ride! If you haven’t been out to enjoy it yet, you should!

Saw and heard this fancy music wagon both times!

Saw and heard this fancy music wagon both times!

Mostly :)y Weekend

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My weekend was really quite satisfyingly relaxing and moderately productive which made me pretty happy. But of course amidst the happiness, there were a couple of thumbs down moments which is bound to happen with so many people living in the same space as I do. And I have to say, my thumbs down moments are pretty lame. That’s why I can’t and won’t really even file them as complaints because no one was injured, thankfully, only minimally traumatized.

Weekend smile 🙂 moments: 

– good run Saturday morning

– started watching New Girl from the beginning which made both my husband and I laugh

– finished reading my book

– nice weather on Saturday

– made a decision about the appropriate curtain rods we needed for the windows (which I had been putting off for months), bought them AND put them up

– cleaning nooks and crannies

– cooked a yumm-alicious dinner for hubby

– got a call from a special friend

Weekend thumbs-down moments:

– scarred by the ridiculously expensive and mediocre breakfast at Ben Ash after my great run (booooo!)

– near collision on the CitiBike by a delivery guy speeding around a corner into the bike lane and another dude going the wrong way in the bike lane (I hate – and rarely do I use that word – but I hate bikers who break the rules of the road!!!)

– lots of dog poop on the sidewalk (grrrrr!)

Words of advice to myself and others who get annoyed by these little moments:

– take a breath

– think of something to smile about 🙂

– be thankful for those who make you happy

 If you haven’t smiled about something today, there’s something wrong with you. Turn that frown upside down.

Go out and get a cupcake. Come on, who doesn’t love cupcakes 😉



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Today was pretty awesome, a nice mix of work and fun (happy hour, bike ride and She & Him at Summerstage in Central Park).

But here’s what is on my mind at the end of the day:

After a nice refreshing afternoon beer at Ulysses on Stone Street with my usual happy hour girls, we walked over to feel the river breeze near South Street Seaport.  Among our many topics of conversation, our last revolved around the CitiBike program and biking/bike riders, etc.  So as our conversation was wrapping up and we were getting ready to part, I decided to bike home along one of the city’s Greenways from downtown to my Turtle Bay street.  (Thanks Kristen for showing me the map otherwise I may have ended up on the highway a couple of times!)

The three of us bode our farewells then I walked over to get a bike from the dock at Wall Street Ferry Terminal.  About 5 minutes into my ride I get onto a nice stretch of Greenway nearing the Williamsburg Bridge.  I passed a few runners and bikers, sections with benches for viewing the river, nice little garden areas, basketball courts and soccer areas, and all the apartments that line the other side of the FDR.  I reach for my phone to snap a shot of the bridge to capture a piece of beauty. It’s then that I realize that only 9 short months ago, this entire area was under water.


I suddenly felt guilty.  Here I am, riding along, enjoying myself in this section of the city that had been engulfed by storm surge during Hurricane Sandy.  So many people displaced and stranded, without power and normal life for days.  As I kept riding, I was envisioning the enormity of the area that had been taken over by water.  Four of the five miles I rode were flooded areas.  I still cannot even imagine seeing the water that high, taking over the streets of Manhattan as if no one lived there.  I felt guilty that I haven’t participated in some sort of Sandy rebuilding project.  These areas of Manhattan have been functioning for months but there are so many areas in Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey that are not.  Yes I donated items as a part of a school collection, and yes I am running in the MLB Run for Sandy this weekend at Prospect Park…. but shouldn’t I do something else?  Are my small contributions enough?

My CitiBike ride turned out to be more important than exercise today.