Walking Weave

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There’s this unspoken walking language amongst New Yorkers.

It happens when we’re all walking at a fast pace, approaching corners simultaneously.

Miraculously, upon approaching the intersection of two blocks, no one bumps into another, because of this exceptional spatial awareness of knowing exactly how many paces away you are from the next person.

We watch each other from our peripheries, coming from all directions, seamlessly converging into this walking basket weave.


Share the Path

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I’ve been focusing diligently on being a kinder person, particularly to strangers, as a way to spread goodness in these turbulent times. It’s been going pretty well, I’d say.

So today I was excited to go running in the park, first time in at least a month. One of my most favorite things to do. It was nice to get out and be with other runners even in the chilly morning air.

I was about 2/3 through my run and I was having an impressive internal monologue, my mind beginning to clear as I rounded the bottom of the loop.

And then I see them. Three abreast and I can tell there’s no intention of moving over.



As much as I love the running community, the running pack mentality drives me crazy. When you see someone running toward you, isn’t it common courtesy to share the path? Maybe move behind one of your pack members?

Well it’s not. I moved over to the outside line, adjacent to the bike lane so the three could stay in their formation. Because I’m practicing kindness and patience, I decided it was not a good idea to slam into the side of her (which I’ve done), but instead just included in my monologue that she doesn’t know any better, that she is unaware of any sort of space considerations to others on the course… sigh…

Of course I didn’t let her lack of regard for another runner ruin my bliss, so I kept on like nobody’s business. I think about these things runners do, not because it interrupted my run or thoughts much, but because I know this is a common practice of hers and many others. A thoughtless practice.

Come on people, move! I’d rather smile at you while you move over than scowl because you didn’t. 🙂

I Miss You Warmth

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Walking around a little after work today getting some errands done helped me remember that winter will pass, but the walking around did make me miss some things I used to really enjoy long ago and not so long ago… particularly in warmer weather…

… running through the sprinkler

… after-work yoga at Laughing Lotus with Monica

… walking home from yoga in my yoga clothes

… ice cream treats from Dickie-Dee

… riding my bike to Red Rooster/Tags with Joc for our daily slush and donut

… jumping on the trampoline

… the smell of lip smackers

… listening to ’80’s hair bands on repeat

… frequent stops for froyo

… lake time with Jill

… Green Bay Resort in the Okanagan with Joc

… road trips to wherever

… green leaves and blossoms in Central Park

… walking out the front door and walking or running for hours

… patio dining

… long hours of daylight, waking up with the light and going to sleep as the sun goes down in the late evening

Sniff… I can’t wait for warmth.


Friend Therapy

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The last two weekends have been full of friend time, and the next three weekends will be about the same.

Spending time with friends both at home and away from home is so much fun. Friend time has so many benefits, like therapy. Some benefits very obvious, some maybe not as obvious… however all positive when you’re friends with the right people!

Friend time allows for…

… talking/catching up on what’s going on in our lives

… bouncing ideas off of each other

… eating at great restaurants we may not normally eat at

… sharing opinions about society’s big problems

… planning trips together

… collaborating about world domination

… dreaming about a more peaceful and productive society

… talking about great books we’ve read and recommending the ones we love to each other

… laughing at funny things we’ve said, done or plan to do

… crying about anything without judgement

… challenging each other to be the best version of ourselves

… nonsense

… just time together in the same space

… self-reflection of ourselves as friends, and the kind of friend we want to be…