Dear Body…

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You are too young to fail me!

You are not allowed feel so stiff in the morning.

You are not allowed to be so tensed up.

You are not allowed to be lazy.

You must feel energized.

You must feel ready to move.

To run miles and miles.

For hours!

Come on!


Not working.

Boots Away!

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That’s it! I’m done! After yesterday’s beautiful springy day, I put all my boots away.

I’m actually excited about spring ahead – even though it will be dark again when I get up, we will have some natural light until about 7pm. In another couple of weeks, it will be light again in the before-work hours… I know the lighter eve screws up many children though, good thing I don’t have any!

Forget about the hour we “lost” and go out! Start enjoying the light and spring-like weather! Happy spring everyone!

#tbt 9 – Grape Happy Pop

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Love Pop Shoppe!

Love Pop Shoppe!

I was excited to find Pop Shoppe pop at Bed, Bath & Beyond’s new specialty foods area. Not that I’ll ever buy it, but it was a fun memory.

I used to love the grape Happy Pop, in the stubby bottle of course. Even now, I still love the smell of grape pop… unfortuntely it’s just too sugary for me to handle a couple of decades later. But every once in a while, a little grape pop is all a person needs.

Wordless Wednesday #9

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Hunkering Down & Dreaming

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Well, it’s “slow-cooker Sunday” and we are hunkering down for tonight’s bit of snow. As we wait for our tasty and perfectly-cooked dinner, I am thinking and dreaming… I am envisioning the travel we will be embarking on here and there over the next few months… So In the midst of what I hope is the season’s final dump of the white stuff, I am dreaming of escaping winter and feeling the warm air of… anywhere really… It’s already March and I haven’t gone anywhere since winter vacation. That’s quite a stretch for me!

So let’s break the next few months down. As I evaluate my schedule (some plans include destination running), envision yours and make your travel plans too, if you haven’t already!

  1. March… nada. Sniff. Was hoping to through in a FL weekend to get some sunshine. Not looking good.
  2. April – DC (run), NM, CA (run)
  3. May – AB
  4. June – potentially MA (run)
  5. July – potentially IL (run)
  6. August – CA or NC (undecided), potentially VA (run)
  7. September – potentially PQ (run)
  8. October-December – a little too far to consider for now…

And I’ll be throwing in a trip to SD, CA to visit Alaa! Gotta figure that one out!

So what’s on your travel agenda? If nothing yet, get planning. 🙂