#tbt 9 – Grape Happy Pop

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Love Pop Shoppe!

Love Pop Shoppe!

I was excited to find Pop Shoppe pop at Bed, Bath & Beyond’s new specialty foods area. Not that I’ll ever buy it, but it was a fun memory.

I used to love the grape Happy Pop, in the stubby bottle of course. Even now, I still love the smell of grape pop… unfortuntely it’s just too sugary for me to handle a couple of decades later. But every once in a while, a little grape pop is all a person needs.

2 thoughts on “#tbt 9 – Grape Happy Pop

  1. I remember the Pop Shoppe! Bringing in the empties and exchanging them for filled bottles! It was kinda weird and wow did we drink a lot oft hat stuff when we were kids. I am pretty sure I didn’t drink water until high school. Oh the good old days when sugar was awesome 🙂


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