Learning to Write

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Writing is hard. Regardless of whether you want to do it well or not.

Every day before my students write almost anything, they have a chance to tell someone what they are going to write. Verbalizing first helps them get their ideas out. But if only some of them could write the way they speak…

Well, the same goes for me. I sometimes talk first before writing. This helps especially when I am searching for a specific word. I know that my writing skills have improved over a long period of time – and I mean a long time, thanks to thousands and thousands of words written, revised and edited for my Master’s program papers. However I know I have a lot to learn. And I want to learn because I want to write fiction. And screenplays. And articles. Maybe songs. Oh and probably some kids’ books too.

So I think I’m going to take some writing classes through Gotham Writer’s Workshop. Anyone taken any of these? They have quite a selection of classes, both in-person classes and online. Decision now is, which will be better for me? Just thinking about committing to a couple of weeknights for 3 hours each isn’t too appealing especially while working (damn work again!). But will I learn as well online? Especially learn effective writing?

Hmmm, need to think about it and will keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Learning to Write

  1. Last May I took a course on Free Fall writing at the U of A . The instructor was an author who had taken the course from W.O.Mitchell. He called it piling lumber while your building a house. You can not build a house straight away without piling the lumber. Everyday, for one hour we would have 10 minutes to write about : a sense, smell,taste,etc. Cora, the instructor would tell us what we would have to write about and what memories it would drudge up. 10 minutes!! II thought for sure I would not be able to write anything. However, I was wrong. From these piles of lumber you can use them in stories you .want to write.There were even published authors in her class. I am hoping to take the class again this May. While you are doing Free Fall writing you do not have concentrate on the structure or grammar of the writing, just the ideas and descriptions depicting your feelings.Anyway, with all the things that you do with your life, during working hours and definitely outside of work. You could take just 10 minutes a day, take a sound,a picture,smell,etc and write. Stop at 10 minutes. Keep every thing you write and go over them, see what lumber you have piled up and build your house, You could probably build an apt building. Try and see what you have after 30 days,,,love aunty sabrina


  2. I’m also considering an online writing course but, like you, I’m a bit hesitant at how useful online classes are. However, as I’m currently in Italy, it’s either online or nothing! Good luck with your course, whichever one you decide on.


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