And It’s Only 9am

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Going to bed early pays off in an infinite number of ways:

  • you get up early (probably)
  • you feel good in the morning
  • you are the first one out getting your coffee
  • you will most likely get your favorite spot at the coffee shop/cafe/diner
  • it’s nice and quiet out or in the house
  • you can actually enjoy some quiet and/or alone time (well maybe not if you have little ones or pets)
  • you can get things done before others get up and complete tasks without interruption

I love early morning productivity, but I know it’s not for everyone. But hear me out you night owls. You can get so much done early in the day, and then have the rest of the day and night for play.

This weekend was fruitful for me in the early hours.

Yesterday morning:

  1. Did my lesson planning and revision for my professional goals (unnecessary – but did it)
  2. Started my laundry
  3. Booked a rental car for Brett
  4. Attempted to change his flight since I booked it for the wrong day – oops (on hold too long so task incomplete)
  5. All recycling and garbage went out
  6. Went to Starbucks to get some coffee and treats since we were out of coffee
  7. Read a couple of articles I had been putting off
  8. Cleaned up the bathroom

And this was all before 9am.

This morning:

  1. Changed Brett’s flight (no waiting this time – calling early pays off)
  2. Booked another leg of my Christmas flight adventure
  3. Read the rest of the articles I wanted to read, and some blogs posts
  4. Ordered some things from Amazon
  5. Filled my basket on Boden (new obsession)
  6. Looked at a few other websites for some holiday gift ideas
  7. Washed the dishes
  8. Started writing a new post

And it’s only 10am.

All these piddly little things that most of us put off during the week get done in the early hours on my weekends. And now I’m going to run my errands, and those will be done by noon!

Have a productive day!