Working is Ruining my Running Career

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Ok well I’m not making running a career, but running after work this week just wasn’t on my agenda. I made it to yoga on Monday but that’s it. Teaching is just way too time consuming. And exhausting. Actually it’s unreasonably time consuming and exhausting.

However, I also blame the darkness. When I get home from work, I feel like I’m supposed to go to bed. I eat, sit down, and it’s dark, and I just want to sleep…

I know, I know, mental blockage. I’m making excuses. But sometimes I want to be the one making excuses because I hear excuses all day long from 8 year olds. Can’t it be my turn for once?

Alright, I’m done. I’ll go running tomorrow. I mean Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Working is Ruining my Running Career

  1. It is harder in the winter when it turns darker earlier. It does make you feel more tired. Lake of vit D. Wait til you get all the snow fall like here and the freezing cold. It will make it even harder ti feel like running. Knowing you, ,you will somehow overcome and show us all how strong you are and And yes you are allowed to complain,why not?


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